Meet the F-35 – One of the worst aircrafts in the US Military

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WASHINGTON DC – The fifth-generation F-35 fighter was included in the list of the worst weaponry models in the US Armed Forces by the US website Business Insider.

According to the US media, a large number of technical failures and production problems have been following the F-35’s drafting schedule all along. As a result of the last inspection, the Pentagon concluded that the problems with the safety and combat capabilities of the airplane remain.

In addition, the costs of the aircraft’s operating program reached $1.2 trillion, the US portal said.

In addition to the F-35, also Zumwalt class destroyers, warships operating in the coastal zone (LCS), Gerald Ford-class aircraft carriers, as well as the electromagnetic cannon were included in the list composed by Business Insider.

Zumwalt class destroyers have had problems with engines, electronics, weapons, and probably stealth, even though billions of dollars have been spent creating them, the portal said.

LCS ships also suffer from a number of technical failures. However, its ability to survive in conditions of intense combat is cause for concern, the article’s author emphasized.

Ford-class aircraft carriers have similar problems. Thus, the Pentagon inspection established that critical systems for the air missions are not safe, BI pointed out.

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The expensive electromagnetic cannon, which has been developed over more than ten years in the US, has technical flaws such as limited firing rate and considerable energy consumption, which does not allow it to replace current weaponry, the media said.

Meanwhile, six pilots of the Joint Strike Fighters F-35 military while training on Tuesday created by chance a figure in the sky very similar to a male genitalia, according to US Air Force officials.

In a statement, it was stated that pilots from the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona were simulating aerial combat and accidentally created the figure in the sky.

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