Military expert unveils potential of brand new Russian invisible radar station

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MOSCOW – In Russia a radar station has been developed that can not be detected from the air, that is, it is invisible to airplanes and drones.

The Tropa (rail) radar station, invisible to aircraft and reconnaissance drones, has just been developed in Russia, the company’s managing director, OKB-Planeta, said Aleklsandr Petrov.

“The idea is simple – to use the reflection of the TV transmission towers and mobile communication, that is, the radar works in reception mode and does not radiate anything, so it is not visible or audible,” he said.

The station has already passed the tests successfully. “There is an interest from potential customers,” Petrov said. It is not just about the military and security organs, but private clients who want to ensure privacy and do not want to be “watched by drones,” he said.

Characteristics and possible application

Vadim Kozyulin, a professor at the Academy of Military Sciences, pointed out that the new radar has high accuracy.

“It is possible to detect not only an airplane, but we can also identify its type and the equipment that it has by the totality of the signals it emits,” Vadim said.

According to the expert, the station will be used in military and civilian spheres. For the military, this equipment is also interesting because of its stealth – it has no transmitting antenna and therefore, it is practically impossible to be detected and targeted with anti-missile missiles.

“The station is also applicable in the civil sphere to control airspace. We should also note that this technology has a great potential for modernization, since its main part consists of software,” he concluded.

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Meanwhile, the new Russian surveillance plane, A-100, known as “flying radar”, made its first flight during preliminary tests.

During the flight the aircraft was subjected to tests of the aircraft navigation systems, automatic control, communication between the crew and the ground, as well as their flight characteristics.

The new test phase of the aircraft will involve the most advanced developments, as the aircraft has already successfully completed the other test phases, said Vladimir Verba, chief designer of the Vega consortium, which is responsible for the aircraft’s radar systems.

In addition, Vladimir Verba highlights the technological advance of Russia, which even surpasses other world technologies in some key aspects.

The A-100 will feature a digital navigation system, a “glass cabin”, a new dual-band locator with a set of antennas in phase.

“There are very few countries in the world that produce this type of aircraft equipment,” Rosolini said. “The level of the most innovative Russian complex can be considered insurmountable,” said Rostec aviation group chief Anatoly Serdyukov.

The A-100 alert and control aircraft (AWACS) was developed from the Il-76MD-90A aircraft. It is equipped with a radar system designed by the Vega consortium to detect and track various targets simultaneously, as well as to guide combat aircraft on mission against aerial, land and sea targets.

According to the Defense Ministry of Russia, the A-100 deliveries to the Armed Forces will begin in 2020.

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