Moldova Power-struggle intensifies: President Dodon receives Death threats from Oligarch Plakhotnyuk


Chișinău – Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that the Democrats are not only trying to blackmail him, but trying to intimidate his family with possible arrests or even death.

“There are already reports that they will arrest my family, children, if I do not write a resignation letter for personal reasons. Or they hope that I will take a family and flee the country,” the head of state said.
The Moldovan leader warned political opponents that there would be no concessions, “regardless of all the dirt, blackmail and pressure, we will stand to the end.”

Last night, unknown people delivered 5 turkeys to the front door of Dodon’s personal residence, three of them dead.

“In the style of the Sicilian mafia, this is a clear message to President Igor Dodon from Democratic leader Vladimir Plakhotnyuk : you have five family members, including three young children. All of them will end up like these turkeys, ” said Bogdan Tsyrdia, the representative of the Socialist Party, wrote on social networks .

The politician noted that the PDM chairman was the first to call the president a turkey and therefore it is obvious who is behind this action.

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“Do not touch my family, Mr. Plahotniuc. I will never forgive you for my wife’s tears. Do not touch the children, my family! I have never done such a thing to others,” the president urged.

According to him, the Democratic Party, trying to take power in the country in any way it can, developed three scenarios to neutralize the president.

“The first is to arrest, but this is possible only after raising the president’s immunity in parliament with the help of two thirds of deputies. But knowing their methods, they can go to lawlessness. The second method is threats to my family. There are reports that they can arrest my family and children if I do not write a resignation letter for personal reasons. The third option – they think that I will leave the country. Moreover, they want to get rid of me through killing me,” concluded Igor Dodon.

The Democratic Party previously announced the start of a campaign to collect signatures with a view to the resignation of the President of Moldova. In parallel with this, a number of public figures appealed to the General Prosecutor’s Office with a statement about bringing Igor Dodon to criminal liability under the article “Treason to Motherland”. He is also accused of “usurping state power” and receiving by the Party of Socialists “illegal financing from abroad”.

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