NATO calculates aerial interceptions it has with Russian aircraft


BRUSSELS – Todd Walters, the new NATO Joint Commander in Chief, revealed the frequency of alliance interceptions by Russian aircraft.

According to Walters, for every interception of NATO aircraft by Russian aircraft three interceptions of Russian aircraft by alliance aircraft are carried out. On Thursday, the US general participated in a forum in Brussels, where he was asked if Russia was trying to “test” the capabilities of the alliance in the air.

Walters said that NATO makes three interceptions of Russian aircraft for each interception of its aircraft conducted by Russian aircraft, indicating that there is a lot of activity in the sky.

At the same time, he said that the vast majority of interceptions that are now being made in the air are safe.

“Over the last two years, we have observed that the frequency of unsafe interceptions has decreased significantly,” he said.

Meanwhile, NATO Air Force Ramstein Alloy exercises 19-2 began above the Baltic states on Tuesday, reports the press office of the Latvian Ministry of Defense.

The objective of the exercises is to test air space control and monitoring by NATO forces as well as to monitor and test the interaction between the regional air forces and the Atlantic Alliance. The exercises are performed annually.

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“Exercises of the NATO Air Force Ramstein Alloy 19- 2 began in the sky over the Baltic countries on Tuesday, involving more than 20 aircraft,” it was reported.

During the flights will be practiced search and rescue procedures, simulation of loss of signal of communication of the aircraft and refueling of fighters in the air.

Participating countries

Combat fighter JAS-39 from the Hungarian Air Force, F / A-18 from the Spanish Air Force and Eurofighter Typhoon from the Royal Air Force are part of the exercises .

In addition, there are fighters from Poland, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Norway, as well as the Dutch refueling aircraft KDC-10. Additional control and management will be performed by the E-3A aircraft with the AWACS early warning and control system.

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