NATO Defense College report urges increase of military presence on Russia’s border


NATO Defense College published a report entitled Why the Baltic States Matter. Protection of the northeastern border of NATO.

Among other things, it indicates that a military conflict between Russia and NATO is unlikely, but still possible. This document notes that the Russian authorities have the opportunity to use the Baltic states as a springboard for “aggression”. “To destroy the security architecture of Europe.”

Based on this, the leadership of the Alliance is recommended to increase the number of US military contingent in the region in order to prevent Russia from “destroying the European security architecture.”

“Over the past ten years, the Russian Federation has demonstrated its intention to undermine the architecture of European security. The deployment of the military should complement existing agreements to expand the forward presence, ” the report says.

According to analysts of the alliance, it is necessary to strengthen measures to contain Moscow: to deploy American troops in the Baltic countries, to push these countries to increase the defense budget (that is, to exceed 2% of GDP), and to strengthen integration with Sweden and Finland, which are not part of the military block.

However, Russian experts note that such statements are another attempt by Washington to intimidate Europeans with the “Russian threat”. Experts believe that the United States is not interested in strengthening the security of the region, but only trying to increase sales of American weapons.

Many of these weapons however, are increasingly less attractive to countries more serious about their defense. European countries that purchase US made weapons do so knowing they incur far greater maintenance costs in the contract, and yet perform close to the international norm. In so doing, there is an acknowledgement that the decisions are political in nature, and not as much connected to direct economic-budgetary concerns, nor military parity.

US military analysts have concluded that Russia, through its non-military actions, has undermined the unity of NATO without firing a shot.

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