New president, same old war crimes; bombing of Donbass civilians continues

Sustained bombardment along Mariupol-Lugansk line


Erwan Castell in Alawata
Ukrainian bombing on Yasinovataya on June 6, 2019
The terrorist attacks of the Ukrainian army against the population of Donbass continue:
During the previous day, 29 Ukrainian ceasefire violations were observed, firing 420 shells at 29 villages and urban districts located on the front line (shells of 12.7 mm and over), mostly 82 mortar shells and 120mm.
In a bombing of residential areas in Gorlovka (north of the Donetsk Republic) a 33-year-old civilian resident at 5 Yasnaya Street was injured by shrapnel and evacuated to hospital No. 2.

During yesterday’s Ukrainian bombardments, at least one Republican soldier was killed and another wounded.
Elsewhere, in southern DPR, Ukrainian forces continued to invade the theoretically neutral and demilitarized “gray zone” between the lines, occupying the village of Vodyane, just east of Sakhanka.

And the Ukrainian attacks that are being heard again on the 400 km front line, Mariupol-Lugansk continuing in the evening and in the early hours of today.
So this morning, as early as 5:00, Ukrainian artillery pieces positioned in Avdeevka fired on the outskirts of Yasinovataya with mortars and anti-aircraft guns.

It was Mayakovsky Street which was mainly hit, with 3 houses (n° 8, 10, 12 and 14) and a car (n° 19) damaged.
The dichotomy observed between Zelensky’s presidential speech and the Ukrainian military actions thus continues to demonstrate the permanence of the criminal hypocrisy that dominates Kiev’s unaccountable politics since Maidan.
Worse than this, the Russophobic mentality of the banderists who want to conduct a genocidal war in the Donbass, seems once more to be unrestrained as recently demonstrated by the bombing of the Donetsk mosque during the festival Uraza Bayran that closes Muslim Ramadan in Russia, or the events of the Azov neo-Nazi regiment in Mariupol on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of their capture of the city, b

eginning of June 2014.

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Biletsky’s empty celebration in Mariupol

This photo of Biletsky surrounded by his guards and lieutenants in the streets of Mariupol almost empty during these sunny days where they came to celebrate “their victory” of 2014 is indicative of the reality of a scary seaside city that hates its occupiers.
And by the way, what victory is Azov talking about? After an armored assault on the peaceful demonstration of May 9, the Azov battalion in 2014 came back in early June to occupy the city of Mariupol, where it met no more resistance than today support, but still imposes itself on the inhabitants, firing like crazy in the streets of the silent city. June 2014, during useless and violent fusillades, battalion Azov, now a regiment, took control of Mariupol, the port city of Donbass

Today, Azov behaves in Mariupol like besotted drunkards on conquered ground, forgetting to a ridiculous extreme this sentence of Corneille, reminding the presumptuous and the mythomaniacs from the mouth of the Cid, that “conquering without danger, you triumph without glory! “

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