New Russian pistol represents ‘quantum leap’ in technological development

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The National Interest featured the new Russian pistol Lebedev PL-15 as a major step forward compared to existing weapons. The author of the article even called the development a “quantum leap” weapon.

According to the publication, the history of the new weapon began in 2014. First, the PL-14 appeared, which managed to combine the best qualities of Russian and foreign weapons. The new weapon features an automatic lock and dual action trigger mechanism. The PL-15K also received soft control levers and trigger with variable sensitivity.

After the first tests, there were some questions regarding the dual action trigger. In other respects, the pistol was considered excellent. After it has been improved, there is virtually no objection. Overall, PL-15 and PL-15K are excellent pistols, admits The National Interest.

The author of the publication supposes that the new pistols will be used in the first place by the special units of the Russian Army that currently use the Glock pistol. Also note that the new weapon has been carefully tested and is now developed for prolonged use (at least 10,000 shots) and, to reduce its weight, is equipped with aluminum alloy parts. The American edition calls the weapon “widely successful.”

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At the same time the issue indicates that most gun users in the Russian Army rarely use these weapons. Therefore, replacing the main Russian Makarov pistol throughout the army would be a costly effort for a minimal increase in combat effectiveness. In this contesto, PL-15 is extremely successful, but can be bought in small quantities only for special forces, which will help avoid unnecessary expenses, which means that Makarov does not lose its topicality.

“As with most new equipment, the PL-15 is likely to go first to very special units in the army. These units largely use Glock pistols imported and assembled at Izhmash. Replacing the Glocks with a Russian pistol likely will be used for great propaganda value,” the author said.

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