Outstanding advantages of Russian Su-57 fighter over US F-15C

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MOSCOW – The F-15C Eagle aircraft, which account for half of all fighter jets available in the US Air Force, are not capable of dealing with fifth-generation Su-57 Russian fighters without undergoing deep modernization.

According to the article in The National Interest, Su-57 fighters now outnumber many other world-known aircraft in maneuverability and armaments.

Therefore, for the US Air Force’s F-15C aircraft to be able to cope with a Su-57, it will need to undergo a thorough modernization and be equipped with a new type of weaponry.

In particular, the edition highlights that, theoretically, the F-15C fighter can be equipped with the Legion module, which is being developed by the company Lockheed Martin. Thanks to this device, the F-15C could detect aircraft developed with stealth technologies, such as Su-57.

However, the Su-57 would survive an initial attack, and the F-15C would be at a disadvantage compared to the exceptional maneuverability of Russian fighter jets, the paper notes. In this case, the survival of the American plane will depend entirely on the professionalism of the American pilots.

The Su-57 is the first Russian fifth-generation fighter. The first batch of 12 aircraft is to be delivered to the Russian Armed Forces this year.

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The high combination of maneuverability with supersonic flight capability as well as a modern on-board complex and low visibility ensure Su-57’s superiority over its competitors.

Currently, the Russian Air Force has the world’s most capable fighters, as well as having the second largest fleet of air superior heavy fighters and the largest fleet of heavy interceptors.

This is all due to the modernization program that began in 2008, perfecting the old Soviet projects, incorporating high technology, and investing in new projects, such as the Su-57 fighter, according to the US military magazine Military Watch.

These new technologies involve sensors, electronic warfare systems, engines, missiles, among others. This makes the Russian Air Force play a key role in protecting the country’s airspace and challenging air superiority over enemy airspace.

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