Poland – Defender of the U.S in Europe

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Warsaw has publicly declared its intention to establish a dialogue with Russia, but is waiting for the first step of Moscow. At the same time, the Polish ruling party strengthens ties with the US, blocks Brussels initiatives and moves away from European skeptics.

The head of the ruling Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, believes that Russia should take the initiative to improve relations between the two countries, since Warsaw, according to his words, only defends its own national interests and strengthens its position in Europe.

These positions, however, are very specific, underlines the Russian media Gazeta.ru. Law and Justice, which recently took first place in elections to the European Parliament (42.4%), usually appears as a Eurosceptic party.

Last autumn, the European Commission appealed to the EU courts to assess the legality of judicial reform in Poland. The changes initiated by Law and Justice, according to the European Commission, put the Judicial Branch in direct dependence on the Executive Power. In particular, they question that upon reaching the age limit, Polish judges may request that the president prolong their qualification as magistrates.

Previously, the Court of Justice of the European Communities had decided to suspend the new laws. In response, the Polish authorities declared the need for a “comprehensive analysis” of such decisions, as well as the support of the laws by the majority of the country’s population. Judicial reform has remained an obstacle between the EU and Poland for approximately three years, since its launch.

Poles are also constantly ignoring calls from European authorities for the transition to the euro. “The SLI is a defense of our economy,” Kaczynski explained.

In his opinion, the country must first reach the economic level of the leading European countries and only then adopt the single currency. This will avoid economic dependence, say the Polish authorities.

However, the cumulative burden of contradictions with Brussels did not lead the Poles to the usual path towards the Eurosceptic field. On the contrary, according to the results of the European Parliament, Law and Justice elections, it preferred to distance itself from alliances with other European right-wing movements. The main reason is the disagreement about Russia.

If Marine Le Pen (National Association, France) and Matteo Salvini (League, Italy) advocate a dialogue with Russia and even sympathize with this country, Kaczynski’s opinions are absolutely opposite.

At the same time, separating from everyone in Europe, Law and Justice takes active steps towards the United States, especially in the military leadership. Last fall, Poland declared that it was willing to build an independent US military base on its territory. The Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blascák, spoke in favor of this decision.

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“This will be our common success: for Poland, because we will strengthen the defense capacity of our country, and for the US, because the sphere of the ‘free world’ is strengthened thanks to the Polish-American relations, relations within the North Atlantic Alliance,” said the minister.

However, the prospects for creating the Fort Trump base remain vague and are, rather, a category of the future, underlines Gazeta.ru.

At present, there is only the visit of President Andrzej Duda to the United States and his negotiations with Donald Trump. The result was the signing of several important agreements.

First, a US MQ-9 drone squadron will be deployed in Poland. Its official purpose is recognition, but the spectrum of possible military uses of aircraft is extremely broad.

In particular, the MQ-9 was used by the United States for air strikes in Afghanistan and Yemen. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already responded to these measures: Deputy Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that Moscow is extremely concerned about this agreement.

“This is a reflection of the line to force the military tension in Europe, especially in the so-called ‘eastern flank’ of NATO Under implausible pretexts, programs that are largely destabilizing are being implemented,” Riabkov said.

In addition, Poland agreed to buy 32 US F-35 bombers. Finally, the US military contingent on Polish territory will be increased by 1,000 people. At the same time, the US does not plan to send new forces to Europe, so it is likely that troops will be transferred from Germany.

The last decision was taken for a reason: Trump marked the political and economic division in Europe. He accused Berlin of failing to comply with military assignment obligations within NATO and of Germany’s position on Nord Stream 2. Trump also called on European countries to abandon Russian hydrocarbons, choosing US liquefied natural gas. At the same time, an agreement was announced: Warsaw will buy 2,000 million cubic meters of LNG to Washington for 8,000 million dollars.

Poland’s interests in the energy sphere overlap with the Americans: the successful work of Nord Stream 2 will deprive the country of a significant part of the revenue from the transit of Russian gas through its territory. Poland needs a new source of funds and, according to experts, the resale of US gas to Europe could become this source.

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