Polish PM reveals positions of U.S troops now stationed close to Russian border

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WARSAW – US troops will be deployed at six points in the territory of Poland, primarily on the eastern border, ie near Russia, the Polish Defense Minister announced.

Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish Defense Minister, said in an interview with Radio Polonesa that US troops will be installed at six points, mainly on the eastern border of the country.

“Under the treaty, we have agreed to have six points in Poland for unit positioning locations,” said the Polish minister, adding that “in the agreement it is recorded that the location will be decided by the agreement of both parties.”

“We will be involved in decision-making …. It is very important to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, hence the eastern flank of our country to deter a potential aggressor, and we are focused on that,” he said.

It is worth noting that a US-Polish agreement was recently announced on the Polish territory of MQ-9 reconnaissance drone squadrons in the United States, with the United States prepared to increase the number of soldiers by an additional 1,000 troops to increase the 4,500 soldiers already present.

In turn, Poland was willing to provide the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the US military as well as military equipment and to build an airfield for the displacement of forces for “exercise or contingency” participation.

Currently, some 4,500 US military personnel are stationed in Polish territory, who are part of the armored brigade and multifunctional battalion.

Meanwhile, Poland plans to accelerate the supply of US F-35 fighter jets, the Polish Defense Minister said.

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Poland aims to accelerate the delivery process of fifth-generation F-35 fighters manufactured in the United States, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said in an interview with Polskie Radio .

“I had previous discussions on the subject with my colleague, US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan and with the manufacturer, that is, with Lockheed Martin,” said Blaszczak.

“This is a delay of a few years. We are on the right track to make this time as short as possible,” said Mariusz Blaszczak, answering the question about the wartime purchase deadline.

He stated that the fighters will be acquired in accordance with the agreement with the US government, “that is, the maximum price will initially be determined, after which we will begin negotiations.”

In March, the Polish Defense Minister signed the plan to modernize the country’s armed forces by 2026. Under this program, Poland plans to purchase 32 F-35 multifunction fighters by 2026, which are expected to replace the Su-22 and MiG-29.

Lately, F-35 fighters have been facing a series of crashes, for example, recently the pilot of one of those US warplanes was forced to stop taking off because of a bird collision . Also in the current year, an F-35 from Japan crashed 135 kilometers east of Misawa city during a training session.

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