Powerful Russian bomber Tu-22M3M undergoes tests in Russia (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – The Russian Ministry of Defense conducted test flights of the all-new Tu-22M3M modernized bomber, and the aircraft proved all its technical characteristics.

The test flight video was posted by TV Zvezda on its YouTube channel.

The video shows the takeoff, the flight process as well as the landing of the aircraft. It should be noted that the bomber tests occurred in different climatic conditions, different altitudes and speeds.

The Tu-22M3M has received innovative radars as well as the latest electronic navigation and warfare systems. It is equipped with a modern digital booth and new control devices. However, the main novelty will be the possibility of the Tu-22M3M using the cruise missile Kh-32.

The modernized version was created on the basis of the Tu-22M3 – a strategic long-range bomber, designed to destroy land and sea targets from high, medium and low altitudes. The aircraft was adopted in service in 1989. This is the most mass-produced long-range bomber. In total, 268 aircraft of this modification were manufactured.

Meanwhile, a Russian test driver revealed the advantages of the new fifth-generation Su-57 stealth fighter.

Pilot Sergei Kitaev, who works at the Yury Gagarin Aviation Plant, told the Russian channel Zvezda that the jet has exceptional maneuverability and a much more modern steering system.

“[Su-57] has absorbed everything that is best in previous experiences. I think the pilots in the units will love it.”

The test driver also pointed out that for a well-trained crew, the plane “is no more difficult to drive than the Su-35”, which has already proved its capabilities in practice. “The Su-57 also has a great future, it will be a success,” he said.

On May 29, a video of the assembly of the first Su-57 fighter appeared.

Earlier, in a meeting with leaders of the military industry companies, President Vladimir Putin said that it is necessary, by 2028, to completely re-equip three aviation regiments of the Aerospace Force with Su-57. He said that a contract should be signed soon to supply 76 new Su-57 fighters.

The Su-57 is a fifth-generation Russian fighter. The first batch of 12 aircraft is to be delivered to the Russian Armed Forces this year. The combination of high maneuverability with the ability to perform supersonic flights, as well as a modern complex of on-board equipment and low visibility, ensure the Su-57’s superiority over its competitors.

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