Predicting war between U.S and Iran, Greek Communist Party tells government to close American bases

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ATHENS – The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) said on Friday that US plans against Iran would bring nothing good to the nations of the region and called for all US and NATO bases in Greece to be closed.

“The latest attacks on oil tankers in Oman have sparked new developments around Iran. The United States, as if they were already ‘prepared’, put Iran in the sights and gathered more military forces in the region… ‘The exacerbation’ around Iran is not a good omen for the people… Abandon all US and NATO foreign bases in Greece. Bring back all the Greek military forces that are participating in NATO and EU missions,” the party said in its statement.

According to the KKE, the risk of war between the US and Iran has increased after Washington introduced an embargo on Iranian oil exports. In addition, the party also stressed that “uncertainty surrounding Tehran’s nuclear fuel fire.”

KKE speculates that the actions of the United States in the region were rooted in “the competition of the imperialist powers for the control of energy resources, the transportation routes of energy resources and commodities, for market shares.”

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The KKE also accused other Greek parties, such as Syriza, New Democracy and the Movement for Change, who advocate strategic cooperation with Washington, for creating risks for Greece.

Tensions between the United States and Iran escalated after two oil tankers, Front Altair and Kokuka Courageous, were attacked on Thursday near the main Strait of Hormuz, linking the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf with most of them of oil produced in the world.

Although the circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear, US President Donald Trump has directly accused Iran of the attack, despite not being able to provide any evidence that the Islamic Republic was responsible for the attack.

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