Rebuilding Syria’s Post-War Rural Economy? It starts with Chickens


DAMASCUS – As Syria looks beyond the conflict now in its final stages, and is aiming to deal with an increase of citizens moving back to the country, the Syrian government started a massive aid project aimed at improving rural parts of Syria. Making a come back after being crippled by years of U.S backed wars and sanctions pushed upon it by the Zionist entity and its regional allies will be no easy task, but Syria has chosen a popular and symbolic aspect of Syrian rural life – the chicken.

In its weekly session, the Council of Ministers allocated one billion Syrian pounds to provide a free grant to rural families, including 15 chickens with 50 kg of fodder per family, in order to encourage the raising of domestic poultry and the economic empowerment of rural families. The Council also approved an integrated strategy for the re-development of the poultry industry in all its components as one of the main components of food security and economic development.

According to a press release of the Council, the strategy included the re-operation of destroyed and damaged work places, and the organization of the work of slaughterhouses and their geographical distribution. The Council requested the Ministry of Local Administration to simplify administrative licensing procedures for slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses and to settle the situation of those who are not licensed,

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