Russia incorporates 2 brand new Mi-28NM helicopters equipped with POWERFUL missiles

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MOSCOW – The Russian Aerospace Force has incorporated two Mi-28NM Nochnoi Okhotnik (Night Hunter) helicopters, according to Russia’s Helicopter consortium director Andrei Boginsky.

“An initial batch of six machines is to be incorporated into the Russian Aerospace Force next year,” Boginsky said in a Zvezda interview.

According to helicopter designer Vitaly Scherbina, the Mi-28NM uses a wide range of means of attack, including air-to-air missiles, and can even shoot down enemy missiles.

In addition, thanks to the new missile, whose name and characteristics are classified, the Mi-28HM is capable of eliminating ground targets without entering the enemy’s air defense zone.

Lethal helicopter

The Mi-28NM, developed by the Russian Helicopter consortium, is a new-generation helicopter capable of operating under all weather conditions. Among the missions that can be accomplished are the disposal of armored equipment, aerial targets flying the low attitude, aerial reconnaissance, as well as the indication of targets for other helicopters and airplanes.

The device is equipped with an extra control system, which significantly increases the survival of the helicopter if one of the pilots is injured. Now the Mi-29NM is undergoing state testing before being handed over to the Armed Forces.

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By 2027, the Ministry of Defense of Russia must buy 98 helicopters of this model.

Meanwhile, the Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and attack helicopters showed their good qualities during the civil war in Syria. Sputnik has prepared a material dedicated to the upcoming modernization of this powerful aircraft.

High maneuverability, armored cabin, powerful armament and a unique ejection system are just a few of the advantages of the Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and attack helicopters and its Katran Ka-52K naval version. The aircraft successfully passed tests in the Syrian military operation. However, it was decided to carry out a modernization to perfect the helicopter.

Recently, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Aleksei Krivoruchko has stated that it plans to sign a contract for the purchase of 114 modernized Ka-52M Alligator attack helicopters by 2020 and the first series aircraft to be produced by 2022.

The Russian Aerospace Force has used the Ka-52 Alligator in Syria since April 2016. As is well known, under wartime conditions war material is used at the maximum capacity limit. According to the producers, all flaws in the use of the helicopter will be taken into account and corrected during the modernization.

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