Russia starts development of new generation missile systems S-500

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MOSCOW – Jun 30, 2019 – The head of the Russian company Rostec stated that Russia has started the development of the S-500 anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system.

“We’ve already started producing the S-500. It’s a more modern system [than the S-400], but I still did not want to talk about it,” he told a Russian channel.

Technical specifications

The S-500, called Prometey, is a new generation system of “ground-to-air” missile systems. It is a long-range and high-altitude intercept system with high antiaircraft defense potential. The S-500 is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles, but can also eliminate aerodynamic targets (airplanes, helicopters, other aerial targets) as well as cruise missiles.

The S-500 has a range of 600 kilometers and will be able to simultaneously identify and reach 10 supersonic ballistic targets flying at speeds of up to 7 km / s. In addition, the system could eliminate hypersonic missile warheads. Because of its characteristics, the S-500 will significantly outperform the S-400 and its American competitor Patriot Advanced Capability-3.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the S-500 will be put into service in the coming years. Another statement was made in April by deputy technical director of the Almaz-Antei company, Sergei Druzhinin, who reported that S-500 systems would be capable of operating in space.

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Meanwhile, the issue of deliveries of Russian anti-aircraft systems S-400 to Ankara has been finally resolved, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a news conference after the G20 summit.

“The purchase contract for the S-400 systems is completely closed … and it is not in the spirit of Turkey to refuse such an agreement,” the Turkish leader told a news conference after the G20 summit.

When asked if US President Donald Trump had ensured that Turkey would not be sanctioned in response to the purchase of the S-400s, Erdogan replied that it did not seem to him that Turkey would be sanctioned.

“It is inconceivable that there are sanctions between strategic partners such as the US and Turkey,” added the Turkish president.

In addition, Turkey is still awaiting delivery of US F-35s, the Turkish leader said. “We are still waiting for the delivery of these planes, our payment plan is being fulfilled,” Erdogan said.

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