Russia urges US to abandon pathetic attempts to split Venezuelan army


MOSCOW – The Russian government has called on Washington to abandon its plans to polarize the Venezuelan military.

“We call on them to abandon their actions to divide the Armed Forces of Venezuela,” Maria Zakharova, the official representative of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, told a press conference today.

This institution, he added, “must defend the constitutional order and not participate in domestic policy processes”.

She also noted that “the risk of direct intervention in Venezuela has apparently been reduced, but there is a continuing threat of illegal actions against the government of that country, including low-intensity armed actions.”

In addition, the official representative indicated that Russia welcomes the willingness to dialogue by the government and the opposition in Venezuela and stands ready to support it.

“For our part, we applaud the will of the government and the opposition for a dialogue. We are ready to provide the necessary support to this dialogue,” Zakharova said.

The diplomat stressed that resolving the existing differences in a peaceful and diplomatic manner in accordance with the Constitution “could lead to a lasting solution to the crisis”.

The government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition tried to talk last month in Norway, where two meetings were sponsored by the Norwegian government. Norway merely reported that the parties discussed an agenda with political, economic and electoral issues and asked delegations to “reserve the maximum”.

The United States had repeatedly threatened military intervention.

The representative of Venezuelan opposition candidate Juan Guaidó in Washington, Carlos Vecchio, called for support for the US Armed Forces to supposedly “restore democracy.”

Venezuelan ambassador to Russia, Carlos Faría, in May during an interview expressed his confidence that within the opposition there are sensible people who know the serious consequences of an armed invasion by the Americans. However, it appears that US Donald Trump in the interim is unprepared to bring the US to war against Venezuela.

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