Russian bomber Su-24 chases away Spanish aircraft carrier in the Baltic Sea (VIDEO)


A Russian Su-24 bomber passed near the Spanish aircraft carrier Juan Carlos I, who was carrying out maneuvers in the framework of NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea.

As reported by the Spanish television channel Antena 3, the Russian aircraft passed near the Spanish ship “at a relatively low speed” and at low altitude. The aircraft was detected by radar, but its maneuvers were not considered “dangerous,” so there were no response measures, the channel added.

NATO’s annual BALTOPS 2019 naval exercises began in the Baltic Sea on 9 June. Of the exercises are 44 ships, 40 aircraft, as well as about 12,000 military personnel.

The maneuvers are monitored by the Russian Armed Forces. Two naval missile strike groups, a search and attack group, Russian naval aircraft and Bastion coastal missile systems are in service.

Recently, Russian Su-27 fighters intercepted American B-52H bombers approaching the Russian border from the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. In addition, last week, a Russian Su-27 aircraft took off to intercept two reconnaissance aircraft, an American RC-135 and a Swedish Gulf Stream. The pilot escorted them over the Baltic Sea by complying with all security measures and avoiding the violation of the Russian air border.

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On Monday, Su-27 fighters intercepted US B-52H strategic bombers near Russian borders, over the Baltic Sea and Black Sea.

Russian Su-27 fighters have escorted US Air Force B-52H strategic bombers approaching Russian borders in the Black and Baltic seas region, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The ministry stressed that the bombers did not violate Russia’s borders. Russian airplanes carried out the escort strictly in accordance with international rules.

The presence of airplanes and reconnaissance drones near Russia’s borders has increased in recent years. Aircraft are regularly detected near the Crimean peninsula , the Krasnodar region and the Baltic Sea and also near Russian bases in Syria.

The Russian Defense Ministry had already appealed to Washington to abandon these reconnaissance operations, but the Pentagon refused.

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