Russian Defense Ministry unveils new S-500 generation systems

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MOSCOW – S-500 air defense systems will be put into service in the coming years, the Russian deputy premier said.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov has informed reporters at the 2019 military forum on plans to bring S-500 state-of-the-art air defense and anti-missile systems into service.

“Successful preliminary tests have enabled the Russian Defense Ministry to make a decision to reduce the timing of the air defense system to the troops. As a result, air defense regiments will begin to receive the S-500 complexes in the next few years,” he said.

“We are currently conducting step-by-step testing of the different elements of S-500 air defense systems, including the launch of new missiles, which have no analogues in the world,” said the deputy prime minister.

Rossiya Segodnya is the official news agency of the military forum, while news and radio agency Sputnik enters as an international media partner of the 2019 ARMY forum.

The innovative S-500 Prometei air defense system is undergoing final testing. Soon, the advanced Russian weapon will enter into service of the country’s Armed Forces. Russian experts reveal one of the unprecedented capabilities of this system.

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According to military expert Konstantin Sivkov, the S-500 Prometei system has already confirmed its ability to reach space.

“This system will significantly outperform the S-400 by its reach, it will be able to destroy ballistic missiles not only within the S-400’s operational range, but also in medium and short range,” Sivkov told Russian news channel Zvezda .

The S-500 system has confirmed its ability to reach the next space, where most military satellites from different countries operate and where the highest points of ballistic missile trajectories are.

The director of the Center for Strategic Analysis, Ivan Konovalov, indicated that the latest Russian military advance has no analogues in the world.

“When it comes to service, Western partners will have to think about how to reach Russia,” he said.

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