Russian ICBM could be ‘nightmare’ for Pentagon


BEIJING – Jun 2, 2019 – The Chinese portal Sohu reports that of the entire Russian missile arsenal, the biggest threat to the US is the RS-28 intercontinental ballistic missile (Sarmat). Chinese media call this weapon “the most terrible Russian missile.”

The Sohu portal indicates that the appearance of the Sarmat RS-28 missiles in Russia’s arsenal will be a nightmare for the US. The author points out that Sarmat is capable of overcoming even the most promising anti-aircraft defense systems being developed in the USA.

In the publication it is also noted that the attempts of the Americans to create a system capable of deterring Sarmat did not lead to anything, highlighting the superiority of Russian nuclear developments.

The RS-28 is a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile of liquid fuel being prepared for the Russian Army. The missile is designed to replace the old Soviet R-36M Voevoda missile as the basic component of Russia’s nuclear potential. Sarmat’s warheads have a series of countermeasures to penetrate any anti-missile “shield”.

Meanwhile, the newly introduced vehicle flies like an airplane, takes off and lands like a helicopter, and fires a 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun.

The Moscow Aviation Institute of Russia has introduced a drone that can fire 12 caliber ammunition to knock down unauthorized drones and that has some truly unique features.

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The video shows the drone in action. First, the vehicle destroys a static aerial target (balloon) and then a moving aerial target – a remote-controlled aircraft. After successful destruction of the second target, the drone lands vertically, just as it took off.

According to the video posted on YouTube, the drone begins its flight vertically in an unusual way. Its structure includes a Vepr-12 semiautomatic shotgun that is very similar to the famous Russian assault rifle, but instead fires from a charger with ten 12-gauge projectiles.

Of course, the shotgun installed in the drone lacks stock and fist, as this is not necessary to shoot.

“The use of a shotgun instead of a rifle or pistol makes perfect sense,” writes analyst Kyle Mizokami for Foxtrot Alpha. “As any duck hunter will say, the dispersed pattern of small shotgun bullets is more efficient at hitting small moving targets than a single bullet, as in other firearms. Flying drones are particularly fragile, unable to adapt if their aerodynamic profile is altered by minor damage.”

The drone is powered by two propellers installed on the larger rear wings, which also allow the drone to maneuver. A pair of smaller wings is installed in front of the vehicle.

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