Russian military ship keeps a close eye on US Navy destroyer in the Black Sea

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CRIMEA – Russian Black Sea Fleet forces are guarding US destroyer USS Carney shortly after he has entered the waters of the Black Sea, reports the National Defense Control Center.

According to information released by the Center, the destroyer Smetlivy will supervise the maneuvers of the destroyer with the help of other technical and electronic means.

“According to the Montreux Convention on the Regime of the Straits, which regulates the passage of warships through straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles, the time of the US destroyer stay in the Black Sea should not exceed 21 days,” informed the released information.

From the information released by the National Defense Control Center, it appears that the USS Carney entered the Black Sea on June 29 at 19:20 p.m.

On Saturday, the high-speed transport and landing ship USNS Yuma US arrived at the port of Odessa (Ukraine) to participate in exercises.

The Sea Breeze exercise in 2019 will start on 1 July and will take place at sea, on land, in the air and underwater.

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The US has also sent the USS Carney destroyer to the Black Sea to participate in the Sea Breeze 2019 naval drills, the site of the 6th US Navy Fleet said.

This is already the fifth entry of American naval units in the region. The last one occurred in April, when the USS Ross destroyer entered the Black Sea to carry out maneuvers with the naval forces of Bulgaria and Georgia.

On Saturday, the USNS Yuma American high-speed transport and landing ship arrived at the port of the Ukrainian city of Odessa to also participate in the exercises mentioned.

Ukrainian legislation does not allow the establishment of foreign military bases in the country, so the presence of foreign troops is always authorized by a special law presented by the President of Ukraine, this authorization was signed in March.

In addition to the Sea Breeze 2019 exercises, other trainings have been authorized for this year, such as the Ukrainian exercises Rapid Trident 2019, Ukrainian-Romanian maneuvers Riverine 2019 and Ukrainian-British training Warrior Watcher 2019.

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