Russian soldiers to be invisible to radars and the human eye thanks to new military equipment

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MOSCOW – Russian consortium Rostec has announced that in 2020 it will begin the development of new personal protective equipment for the Russian military with unique characteristics.

The new individual equipment should be called Sotnik, replacing the current Ratnik, which has been in service of the Russian Armed Forces since 2014. According to the consortium director general Sergei Chemezov, the new equipment will have a wide variety of technological advances.

For example, it will make soldiers invisible to both infrared detection systems, as well as to radars, and even to the human eye.

Equipment may change color according to temperature and will include microdrones

This will be possible thanks to the new coating developed by the Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machinery Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) and the company Roselectronics, both owned by the Rostec consortium. This new electrochromic material allows the equipment to change color according to the ambient temperature.

Its capabilities have already been demonstrated during the military forum ARMY 2018 in a military helmet. In order for soldiers to be completely “invisible”, anti-radar materials are also used.

In addition, the equipment will include microdrones, which can be used in tactical reconnaissance missions, with images being transmitted directly to helmet displays along with other essential information.

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Despite the great amount of innovations implemented in the new equipment, its weight will be 20% smaller, about 20 kilos, said director general. According to him, new equipment Sotnik will replace the current one in 2025.

Meanwhile, the Zala Aero Group, which is part of the Kalashnikov consortium, has submitted a new version of its weapon against drones at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2019, reported the Kalashnikov press site.

The first version of the product was shown in the ARMY 2017 forum and soon attracted the attention of the experts .

“The REX-2 has become lighter and more compact than its predecessor: the dimensions of the product have been reduced, and its weight is now only 3 kg,” said the information published by the company.

The standard gun includes three modules capable of suppressing signals: 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, SNS. In the construction is integrated the suppression block of satellite navigation systems. This weapon also contains a battery charge indication to simplify the control of your level.

“As in the previous version, the frequency of the transmission can be adjusted according to customer needs. Video recorder, stroboscope, laser and display are optionally installed,” said the information.

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