South Ossetia Rebukes EU, NATO – Affirms permanent separation from Georgia


Tskhinvali – Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia, Dmitry Medoev said in comments today that South Ossetia does not pay attention to the position of the US and the EU on the elections held in the republic.

Earlier, representatives of the United States, the EU and NATO said they did not recognize the parliamentary elections held in South Ossetia and once again spoke in favor of “preserving the territorial integrity of Georgia.”

“They didn’t say anything new. We have heard this set of words for 30 years. They do not want to believe that since 1989, South Ossetia has nothing in common with Georgia and is not going to become a part of it under any circumstances. The train is long gone,” said Medoyeva quoted by TASS

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As the South Ossetian minister noted, everyone decides for himself what to believe and whom to support.

“And we, like the caravan that goes its own way, not paying attention to other sounds, will move further towards our goal – to build an independent and democratic state,” the Foreign Minister of the RSO said.

The parliamentary elections of the RSO of the VII convocation were held on June 9. International observers recognized the vote as compliant with democratic norms and the Constitution of the RSO. Complaints of violations, in particular the bribery of voters in favor of the United Ossetia party, came from polling stations that were opened in North Ossetia. However, the CEC (central electoral commission) of the RSO in the final protocol declared the elections valid.

South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia in 1990, and was recognized as an independent republic by the Russian Federation in 2008.

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