TEXAS: VIDEO – Lessons from Avdeevka Front

I went “back to the Front” last Friday afternoon. While the Night Wolves motorcycle club was preparing for a big free concert to which several thousand Donbass citizens came to celebrate the beginning of Summer, Altai and I were heading to Yasynuvata (pronounced “Iznavata”) and the same old front line position across from Avdeevka where we had both served. I was there for 4 months in 2017. May to August. Altai came soon after me, stayed for a year. A very hot position where a lot of good work got done, and is still getting done there, every day. It’s where we’ve been protecting Yasynuvata from the murdering nazis of the 93rd Regiment of the ukrop army since 2014.


We arrived at the position around 16:00 with the dinner truck – food, water, ammo. We saw old friends and met new ones, and got the tour of the position and how it had been improved over the last 2 years, since when we had been working on it. Back when Altai and I were soldiers there, “Chica” was the engineering officer in charge of digging and construction. A great soldier and a good man, and an expert engineer. We dug deep, and covered our tunnels with up to 5 meters of interlocked logs, sand bags, mining mat (which is 2 inch thick hard rubber with embedded steel cables running through it, with steel making up 50% of the mass. – logs, sand bags, mats, steel. All hauled up the side of a 45 degree freeway embankment. Up and down, all day long, 100 kilograms at a time. Wearing a steel helmet and a 20 pound armored vest. Because you’re also getting shot at and bombed while you work. But you’re not allowed to shoot back. Summer fun…
But hard work pays off, and our position is certainly one of the very best and strongest positions created by soldiers along the whole Donbass Front.
If the ukrop nazis try a breakthrough there, they won’t last 15 minutes. So they don’t even try. They sit back and bomb us with everything they’ve got – snipers (of course) AGS grenade launchers, SPG, TOW missiles (courtesy of the USA) “Zushka” 23 mm cannons, 60, 82 and 122 mm mortars. Every day, then more days than not. And our guys take it, are ordered not to shoot back, and keep on digging and building. Every day. Can you dig it?
While we were there, we came under heavy shelling. All of the above, and plenty of it. And that’s when it hit me, the formula for how we will win this war, the formula, exactly, for how we are winning it. The greatest power is not with whoever can hit the hardest, who can destroy the most. The greatest power, our power, is the power to endure the most. Which we have, for over 5 years now, all along the Donbass Front. Citizens and soldiers getting shelled, getting killed, on a daily basis, and yet we endure. We do not shrink or surrender. Yes, we are tired and bloodied, but we are stronger than ever. And so are our defenses. On last Friday night, they hit us with everything they had, and we took it, and stayed standing. The reason we still stood was because we were still alive, and we were still alive because of the good hard work done by men like Chika and Altai and me, and scores of other soldiers who worked there and did their jobs well. We are winning, and the proof is the fact that we’re still here. But it is not possible to win without a strong foundation and wise preparation. We’ve got that, and we’ve paid our dues. Our position is strong, impenetrable, and if the ukrop nazis doubt it, let them come and try to take it. I hope I’m there when they do.
But in the mean time, they hit us with everything they’ve got, even up to heavy artillery. And we defeat them with shovels and sand bags and fire extinguishers, and with the courage of fighting for a righteous cause. I have many friends who have served at the Front for over 5 years now, since the beginning of the war. and to me, that’s the greatest courage, the greatest dedication – to keep doing it every day, to get up and do it again, and again, and again, every fuckin’ day. These guys aren’t just soldiers, they’re Saints. ” Greater love hath no man than this, than that he lay down his life for his fellow man.” John 15:13. And these guys, men and women, are doing it, every day. This is our strength, our power, the power that cannot be defeated. The power of love.
This is the difference between us and the nazis and criminals who attack us – Our enemies are willing to kill our defenders, our civilians, our children. They actually laugh and brag about killing our children.Our enemies want to kill, and have demonstrated it in both word and deed countless times. We, on the other hand, are willing to die. We do not want to die, but we are ready to, if we must, in order to defend our homes and families, our principles and freedom, our right to live as we see fit, to depose or destroy those who come to our land to make us their slaves or to exterminate us. We are willing to die, and we are willing and able to kill if we have to, in order to defend ourselves from the evil that has attacked us. And we do so out of love. But we do not want to, we do not enjoy it, as our enemies do.
Che Love quote.jpg
Love is the power that makes a parent run through fire or leap into a rushing river to save their children,  and not just parents, but people even risk their lives to save total strangers.   Even animals can risk their lives to save others. What, you never seen Battle at Kruger?!  It is love that is the power that
a single woman can stop 3 ukrop tanks with her bare hands. Every decent uman and even animals can love. Only nazis and the truly evil are fueled by fear and hate.
So, here are the lessons from Avdeevka Front – First, Love is the greatest power. It is stronger than death, stronger than the fear of death, and it cannot be defeated. Second, that there is no need and no use in being afraid. I learned under artillery back in 2015 that fear is useless, a waste. Either the bomb will hit you or not. There is no use in running, because there is nowhere to run. Fear is a waste and an infection of the human soul. Cowards cannot be trusted. Courage is the key to happiness and to fulfilling your potential and your dreams. Without courage you can do nothing, you are literally useless. Without courage, there can be no happiness. It is impossible to be happy when you are afraid.
LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe. It cannot be defeated. WE cannot be defeated. THAT is the lesson of the Avdeevka Front.
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