The End of Drones? Russia prepares to launch drone detecting satellites

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MOSCOW – Jun 26, 2019 – One of Russia’s largest defense contractors conducted flight testing of the low-flying target detection system, in particular drones. The detection of drones will greatly aid in their destruction, if deemed necessary. The recent row over the incident in Iranian airspace is indicative of the great import placed upon drones in recent years.

Russian holding company RTI Systems, which specializes in research in the area of ​​radiolocation and telecommunications, reported on Wednesday on the experiments of the new system.

“The Radiotechnology Institute AL Mints, a member of the RTI group of companies, is developing technologies for the creation of radar complexes, intended for space radar observation systems of the Earth’s surface and near-Earth space, which detection of targets flying at low altitude,” the press service reported.

“In 2018, flight tests of aircraft radar systems for remote sensing of the Earth were successfully conducted ,” the statement added.

Exclusive technology

The company specified that innovative methods of detecting moving objects and super-resolution algorithms were implemented during area scanning.

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“The new technical capabilities create new markets for remote sensing services. The unique hardware, software and algorithmic solutions applied by RTI scientists at the radar complex… will enable us to solve completely new problems for our customers,” said Maksim Kuzyuk, director-general of the holding company.

The Russian defense contractor has specified that, at present, the global orbital clustering of radar observation systems is growing rapidly, mainly due to the fact that they operate 24 hours a day in all atmospheric conditions, as well as to the largest area that they can scan.

Kuzyuk last year announced that Russia had successfully developed and tested a radar that can be used on drones to explore the Arctic region.

“According to the results of the research, the experimental prototype of our airborne radar, which we plan to install on unmanned aerial vehicles, has demonstrated results that go beyond the characteristics of the previous aerial radars,” Kuzyuk said at the time.

The relevance of this device is determined by the fact that in Russia today there are no serially produced systems capable of conducting an exploration operation in frozen fields and monitoring the drift of icebergs, according to the CEO.

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