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BREAKING: Fresh Coup Attempt in Venezuela Just Foiled

Published 2019-06-26 22:39:59 by Joaquin Flores in Headline-News, Latin-America, Venezuela

CARACAS – Jun 26, 2019 @ 22:39 – Venezuelan authorities have just prevented another attempted coup, the Minister of Communications and Information of the Bolivarian Republic, Jorge Rodriguez said just moments ago, today June 26th. “We have videotapes that are evidence of the transfer of arms and money (for the purpose of a coup d’état),” said the minister at a press conference broadcast by the Latin American television channel Telesur. According to Rodriguez, the plan of the conspirators was to seize weapons depots, raise a military coup in Caracas, and then release from prison the former defense minister Raul Baduel ,… Continue ->

Tags: Baduel, Counter-Coup, Coup, Maduro, Venezuela

Russophobia at Large: Meduza Magazine’s Integrity Struggle

Published 2019-06-26 20:58:13 by Ronald Thomas West in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latvia, Nato, Opinions, Russia, Ukraine, United-States

Editor’s note – This Atlantic Council-esque project, Meduza, was first discovered by FRN in about 2015 when it was an openly and unapologetically, a pro Pravy-Sektor apologist outlet. It’s maintained its original logo and aesthetics, making us sure this is not a mix-up – only its handed the reigns over to some ‘liberals’ – a typical touch and go, give and take, humpty-dumpty move we’ve seen all too many times. In fact, a move that was integral to the Kiev Maidan itself.  – Joaquin Flores About Meduza “…We value our independence and strive to be a reliable, trusted outlet for… Continue ->

Tags: Latvia, Meduza, Russophobia

PROVOCATIONS: ‘All Russians are bastards’, says Ukrainian delegate at PACE meeting

Published 2019-06-26 19:47:27 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Ukraine

STRASBOURG, France – The mood was very exalted this week in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), as the human rights body is about to re-establish Russia as a full member. One of the delegates from Ukraine even stated in English that all Russians are “bastards”. The explosion came from Borislav Beryoza, a Ukrainian and Russianophobic deputy, with a long history of disruptive behavior that marks even the expressive delegates of Kiev. The insult came on Tuesday as he was entering the Palace of Europe, the meeting place of PACE. The Ukrainian deputy is known for his… Continue ->

Tags: PACE, Russia, Ukraine

MAJOR: Terrorist FAIL in attempt to destroy Russian base in Syria

Published 2019-06-26 18:54:33 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Mena, Russia, Syria

LATAKIA – Earlier this morning, jihadists in the Syrian northwest province of Idlib made a pathetic attempt to destroy the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia province with a bomb. The failed attempt to destroy the Hmeimim airbase, Russia’s main airbase in Syria and located in southwest Latakia province, was conducted with attack drones who fired missiles. As expected and as has happened with previous attempts to destroy the Russian base, it was easily repulsed by Russian forces using missile defense systems. This has been the jihadists first attempt to attack the Hmeimim airbase since early May, where once again, their… Continue ->

Tags: Hmeimim, Idlib, Latakia, Russia, Syria

The Indian-Turkish Embrace of Russia’s S400 as a Shift to the New Silk Road

Published 2019-06-26 18:48:03 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, China, Defense, Eurasia, Headline-News, Nato, Russia, Turkey, United-Kingdom, United-States

India and Turkey’s recent embrace of Russia’s advanced S-400 defense system represents a major turning point in the international battle now underway between two opposing paradigms of global affairs. Both nations are standing up to immense pressure by an Anglo American empire which has been working desperately since 2007 to build a vast military infrastructure around Russia under the utopian doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance” (aka: the belief that a nuclear war can be won with a first strike monopoly). This missile shield began to target China and Russia’s South Pacific flank in 2011 when Obama unveiled the military branch… Continue ->

Tags: China, Russia, S400, USA, Weapons

Putin, Lavrov and Xi Call for an End to MAD

Published 2019-06-26 18:01:29 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Defense, Headline-News, Nato, Russia, United-Kingdom, United-States

The spectre of nuclear war has long hung over the world like a nightmarish sword of Damocles offering humanity much cause for despair at the dual nature of science as a beautiful source of creative power that uplifts and ennobles on the one hand and acts as a harbinger of death and chaos on the other. However, it would be wrong to blame science for the crisis which mankind unlocked with the atom, when the reality is that we have never freed ourselves from the pest of oligarchical systems of rule. Going back to records of the Roman, Persian and… Continue ->

Tags: Analysis, Bertrand Russell, Geopolitics, International Relations, Mutual Assured Destruction, NATO, Russia, Trump

The End of Drones? Russia prepares to launch drone detecting satellites

Published 2019-06-26 16:09:54 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

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MOSCOW – Jun 26, 2019 – One of Russia’s largest defense contractors conducted flight testing of the low-flying target detection system, in particular drones. The detection of drones will greatly aid in their destruction, if deemed necessary. The recent row over the incident in Iranian airspace is indicative of the great import placed upon drones in recent years. Russian holding company RTI Systems, which specializes in research in the area of ​​radiolocation and telecommunications, reported on Wednesday on the experiments of the new system. “The Radiotechnology Institute AL Mints, a member of the RTI group of companies, is developing technologies… Continue ->

Tags: Drone, Russia, Space

Censorship coming from ‘The Left’? Not so fast – New Zealand’s ANZ Bank’s rebuke of Maria Folau sheds light

Published 2019-06-26 15:23:40 by Curwen Ares Rolinson in Anglo-5, Finance, Headline-News, New-Zealand, Opinions, Politics

For the past few weeks, we have seen a lot of rhetoric from various ‘right wing’ figures – the Mike Hosking types, for instance – about how ‘free speech’ is under threat from “The Left”. Yet take a look at what’s been the major ‘moving parts’ in several recent ‘anti-free speech’ controversies. ANZ Bank issued this statement on Tuesday: “we do not support the views of Silver Fern Maria Folau and have made our views known to her employer Netball NZ.” [NB – the controversy surrounds Folou’s husbands casual tweets on twitter which were construed as homophobic in nature by… Continue ->

Tags: ANZ, Capitalism, Cultural Marxism, Homophobia, Maria Folau, Neoliberalism, Pink-Washing

Stop Ramstein Airbase protest: ONE WHO DOES NOT RESIST LIVES WRONG

Published 2019-06-26 14:25:26 by Tom Winter in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Germany, Headline-News, United-States

Rainer Braun and Pascal Luig, writing for the Stopp Air Base Ramstein coordinating group: “Is this worth it?” asks the doubter. “Does it accomplish something?”, thinks the skeptic. “Just me?”, ponders the interested. Yes – you too, and hopefully many more! Because: The Ramstein Air Base is the synonym for drones, war, interventionism and militarism, in Germany and around the world. We no longer want to accept this symbol of war and destruction, we want a peaceful policy. Peace, not war, should come from German soil, that’s why we are also involved in the actions in 2019. It is the… Continue ->

Tags: Drone Warfare, NATO, Ramstein

Arrested for attempted rape of a minor, US Navy lieutenant is nominated for promotion

Published 2019-06-26 13:54:18 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Headline-News, United-States

WASHINGTON DC – Although currently serving 10 years in federal prison, a US Navy lieutenant is on the list of people eligible for a higher position. Lieutenant Michael Douglas McNeil was appointed as a potential head of department for surface combat by the US Navy Staff Command, even after being arrested for attempted sexual involvement with a deaf 12-year-old child. When the Military Times reported to US Navy officials that McNeil was serving time in a Texas prison, they explained that information about his conviction had not been included in his file when the jury chose the names. This occurred… Continue ->

Tags: Navy, US

Philippines to acquire Russian Mi-171 helicopters by 2019

Published 2019-06-26 13:29:38 by Paul Antonopoulos in Defense, Eurasia, Headline-News, Philippines, Russia

MANILA – Philippine authorities are prioritizing an agreement with Russia on the purchase of Mi-171 helicopters in 2019 and have decided to postpone the purchase of submarines, said Under-Secretary of National Defense of the Philippines Raymundo Elefante. In April, Philippines Undersecretary of National Defense Cardozo Luna said that Manila is considering the possibility of acquiring 16 or 17 Mi-171 helicopters in Russia and also a small submarine by 2027. “Helicopters are a priority, we are in the initial phase of the acquisition process, the documents have not yet been signed, but we hope to do so this year,” said Elefante… Continue ->

Tags: Helicopters, Philippines, Russia

BYE BYE AMERICAN DRONES: Russia creates new version of radio-electronic anti-drone weapon

Published 2019-06-26 13:02:15 by Paul Antonopoulos in Defense, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

MOSCOW – The Zala Aero Group, which is part of the Kalashnikov consortium, has submitted a new version of its weapon against drones at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2019, reported the Kalashnikov press site. The first version of the product was shown in the ARMY 2017 forum and soon attracted the attention of the experts. “The REX-2 has become lighter and more compact than its predecessor: the product dimensions have been reduced, and its weight is now only 3 kg,” the information published by the company said. The standard gun includes three modules capable of suppressing signals: 2.4 GHz,… Continue ->

Tags: Russia

Kalashnikov launches brand new generation of KAMIKAZE drones (Photos)

Published 2019-06-26 12:23:17 by Paul Antonopoulos in Defense, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

MOSCOW – The Russian arms consortium Kalashnikov presented its latest unmanned reconnaissance and attack aircraft capable of locating and destroying hostile targets. The ZALA Lancet intelligent attack drone does not require any additional terrestrial or maritime infrastructure to locate and attack your targets. This new generation unmanned aircraft has its own reconnaissance, navigation and communication modules, as well as a payload of 3 kg, capable of performing a “precision attack” within a radius of up to 40 km. More advanced system With a take-off weight of 12 kg, the brand new kamikaze drone, unlike previous models, continuously transmits a video… Continue ->

Tags: Drone, Russia

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