The Right Stuff? These are the requirements for the Russian lunar mission

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MOSCOW – The Russian space agency Roscosmos plans to recruit a team of cosmonauts who will participate in future Russian lunar missions and will have the unique opportunity to test the most advanced spacecraft. But what qualities must you have to join the Russian team?

According to Oleg Orlov, director of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, “there are very strict requirements from the medical point of view”. According to Orlov, the candidate “must be physically and psychologically healthy”.

As for the professional qualities of future crew members, it is the doctors and biologists who are most likely to join future missions.

“Not only must they be commanders or professional engineers, but also scientists and – at least if it is the first lunar missions – the participation of doctors is necessary,” Orlov explained.

Russia plans to send the first manned mission to Earth’s natural satellite in 2031, according to a document prepared by the company TSNIImash, Roscosmos’s main research institute.

Russia also plans to send four spacecraft to the Earth satellite. The mission will be completed between 2031 and 2035, according to a source from the aerospace industry.

The Luna-30 probe will carry a reusable lunar ship to maintain the manned flights, explained the agency interlocutor.

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In turn, station Luna-31 will transport to the natural satellite a heavy vehicle of up to five tons. The apparatus will have a necessary equipment for the exploitation of resources.

Another station, Luna-32 will carry the modules for the construction of the lunar polygon, and Luna-33 will be in charge of maintaining communication.

In January 2019, the director of Roscosmos, Dmitri Rogozin commented on the next milestones of the Russian space program. Thus, he warned that the Luna-26 and Luna-27 probes will take off between 2023 and 2024.

The takeoff of the two devices will be made after the launch of the Luna-25 probe scheduled for 2021, a fact that would mean the return of Russia to the moon after more than 40 years. In 1976 the then Soviet space agency launched the last rover (Luna-24) to the Earth’s natural satellite.

Experts from the Russian state corporation Roscosmos indicate that the first lunar mission will be carried out in 2031, and then flights will be made annually.

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