Trump blasts Japan, says Japanese will just watch on a Sony TV if America is attacked


WASHINGTON DC – U.S President Donald Trump, in an interview with Fox TV, complained that almost all countries of the world use the United States for their own purposes. Among those, he named Japan, pointing in this context to the agreement on mutual cooperation and security guarantees with Japan of 1960.

Trump’s statements were made on the eve of his talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the margins of the G-20 Summit in Osaka, Voice of America notes.

“Almost all countries of the world use the USA for their own purposes … Even, for example, Japan. We have an agreement with Japan. If Japan is attacked, we will fight a Third World War. We will get involved, we will protect them, we will fight at the cost of our lives and our wealth. Let’s fight at any cost, right? But if they attack us, then Japan is not at all obliged to come to our aid. They can watch this attack on Sony TV, ” the US leader said.

Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Yosychide Suga , commenting on Trump’s words, said that the governments of the two countries did not discuss the revision of the treaty, and did not agree that this pact was unfair.

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“The obligations of the United States and Japan are balanced,” he said.

In accordance with the US-Japan Security Assurance Treaty, which has been in force for several decades, the United States pledged to defend Japan, which renounced the right to wage war after defeat in World War II. Japan, in turn, provides military bases that Washington uses to project force in Asia.

Earlier, the Bloomberg newspaper, citing anonymous sources, said that President Donald Trump considers the agreement with Japan unfair and one-sided, although he did not take concrete steps on this matter.

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