Trump’s strategy in Latin America is FAILING


LA PAZ, Bolivia – The US strategy in Latin America is already failing, and countries need a sovereign and peaceful continent for the region to have a voice, said Minister of the Presidency of Bolivia, Juan Ramón Quintana.

“In many forums held in Latin America, it has been said that new times are coming, a new century is coming, and this new 21st century will be the century of peoples, despite the fact that there is an increase in the aggressiveness of the US government,” he said.

“Every day, in Latin America, blackmail practices are being tried through international financial policies to impose models of a free-market economy that ultimately steals natural resources from nations.”

Brazil and Argentina ‘condemned to poverty’

As an example, Quintana mentioned the cases of Argentina and Brazil, “with their societies condemned to increase poverty, loss of sovereignty over their natural resources and greater interference in the design of economic models.”

“We do not want this for Bolivia or for Latin America,” he said, adding that “we want a united continent, a peaceful continent, a sovereign continent.”

According to the minister, sovereignty, peace and unity will give voice to the continent in the world.

“As the United States dominates Latin America, Latin America ceases to be a valid speaker in the world, so it ceases to exist, it no longer has a voice of its own in the international community.”

“We do not want to be protected by any foreign power, much less by the American power that has become accustomed to governing by force, by imposition, by blackmail, by coups and by soft blows,” according to Juan Ramón Quintana.

US weakens in Latin America

Quintana clarified that the US strategy in Latin America already has serious difficulties to support, therefore, “what corresponds to our countries is a greater political awareness of their own development and the development of the region,” he concluded.

The minister added that Bolivia condemned “the unilateralism that the United States intends to build, which is a policy of subjugation of state sovereignties and, therefore, of building an undemocratic regime.”

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