TSAREV: There are more than enough reasons to put Poroshenko in jail

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Former lawyer,  former deputy head of the administration of ex-President Yanukovych, and a moderate voice of support for the Donbass Republics, Oleg Tsarev, said that in early July the ex-president of Ukraine Poroshenko could be in jail . However, he also said that in June, Poroshenko’s property could be arrested . Where will the investigation against Poroshenko lead and how likely it is that he will be behind bars, is the subject now spoken to by politician Oleg Tsarev.

“Regarding the possible arrest of Poroshenko, we can say the following.

There are more than enough reasons for initiating and thoroughly investigating criminal cases, that is, violations of the law, according to which he can be arrested and imprisoned.

“The main moderator of this process is Andrei Portnov, I know him as a deeply decent person and a very strong specialist, and therefore I am sure that he can bring such a case to trial and conviction, and even more so to arrest. Poroshenko has no immunity now.”

“The only fact that can hold back representatives of the current Ukrainian government in these matters is that Poroshenko still remains a current politician and maintains a good rating. And when such a politician is arrested, it does not look good from the outside. That is, such actions are regarded as reprisals against a political rival.”

Those who want to bring Poroshenko to a well-deserved punishment must act in two ways at once. In addition to the work that Portnov is currently doing, it is necessary to deal with a gradual downgrade of Poroshenko’s rating – there are various means for this.

“If he ultimately has a rating of one percent, then it will be impossible to say that he is a current and supported politician and that someone is afraid to compete with him.

It is quite clear that none of the former foreign patrons and leaders will not intercede for Poroshenko. He made so much trouble for Trump that the current US administration is not his “fan” or protector. For Europe, Poroshenko is a corrupt official, because of the actions of which the EU countries had to impose sanctions against Russia and, as a result, lose big money. Therefore, there are no political forces, foreign partners, other factors to protect Poroshenko – no one will attend to his position in the event of arrest.”

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I doubt that in the current situation the main moderator of Poroshenko’s persecution is Zelensky. But you can not say that he somehow sympathizes with the ex-president.

“One has only to remember how during the election campaign Poroshenko distributed videos in which Zelensky was hit by a car or accused of taking drugs. On the one hand, from the point of view of common sense, these were strange steps for the election race. It was obvious that Poroshenko would lose, and therefore he already should have tried to establish relations with Zelensky. But he did not. Accordingly, now Zelensky would not even think of stopping the investigation against Poroshenko.”

On the other hand, it is possible that Poroshenko was not mistaken, taking a tough principled position in the elections. Poroshenko is a smart and experienced politician. He understood that it would be impossible to come to an agreement with Zelensky and Kolomoisky. Too big, he earned assets during the presidency.

“The world of big politics and business is a cruel world. All the same, they would begin to “undress” him, no matter how he himself behaved during the election campaign. The only way to remain whole or alive in such a situation is to save at least some strength and influence.

Also, do not forget that today Poroshenko is still one of the richest people in Ukraine and in Europe. And this means that competitors’ desire to “bite” its assets may be another factor that will determine its future fate.”

For the right to “undress” Poroshenko there is even some competition between lawyers Giuliani and Kolomoisky. Remember, like Krylov – “You are guilty of the fact that I want to eat.” Therefore, having lost the status of president, Poroshenko is turned into prey. ”

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