UK Gets Sloppy with New ‘Special Operations Concept’

Just Another Pretext for War with Russia


New reports announced on BBC News night have revealed that the British elite is planning to restructure their special forces under a new military doctrine known as the Special Operations Concept which will allow Britain to wage a new type of warfare against Russia.

The thinking behind the restructuring was first announced by General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army who declared last week that peace and war are increasingly becoming considered “increasingly redundant states.” Essentially, this concept which will be considered by ministers soon, is tied to the fact that the geopolitical operations in the Middle East which have consumed the majority Britain’s Special Operations is becoming irrelevant now that Russia’s intervention into Syria has finally dowsed the Anglo-Saudi fires with sufficient water that they no longer serve any purpose.

A London Guardian article on June 13 noted that “Carleton-Smith said authoritarian regimes were “exploiting the hybrid space that exists in between” – disinformation, subversion or cyber – where lives may not immediately be at stake but economies, livelihoods and ways of thinking are.”

The new plan proposes to send special forces (making up the Special Air services, Special Boat Services and Special Reconnaissance Regiment) to places like Baltic or African nations directly to counter “Russian subversive operations/covert activities”.

A British intelligence chief cited by the BBC was quoted saying:  “Right now, you do nothing or you escalate. We want to expand that competitive space.”

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The Russians Respond to the Threat

The Russian Embassy in London responded to this developments with grave concern, producing a statement which was published by TASS:

“Of course, it’s hard for us to say how reliable this information is and how it corresponds with real tasks of the U.K. armed forces. However, if it is true, this decision appears to be, firstly, erroneous and, secondly, questionable as far as London’s compliance with its international obligations is concerned… In fact, this would mean that U.K. defense agencies are paving the way for removing the existing restrictions imposed by the international law and to claim the right to carry out military operations beyond the limits of self-defense, which constitutes a direct breach of the UN Charter… This would not just become a yet another step towards deliberately destroying the world order based on the international law, but also create major risks of those ‘hybrid’ operations evolving into full-fledged armed conflicts as a result of various coincidences and misunderstandings.”

BIO: Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review. He is an author with The Duran, Strategic Culture Foundation, Fort Russ. His works have been published in Zero Hedge, Executive Intelligence Review, Global Times, Asia Times, L.A. Review of Books, and Matthew has also published the book “The Time has Come for Canada to Join the New Silk Road” and three volumes of the Untold History of Canada (available on He can be reached at [email protected]


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