Ukraine Army Head: Zelensky Never Gave a Ceasefire Order

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KIEV – Nobody gave a command to Ukrainian soldiers to cease fire in the Donbas. This was stated by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Homchak in an interview with BBC News Ukraine.

“No commands given. There is a war, and all the commanders there are in their places. The detachment commander commands the detachment, the platoon commander – a platoon, the company commander – a company. They have no commands to answer no, ” said Homchak.

He also noted that rumors about such an order are part of the “information-psychological war”.

“How can you say in a war: you are beaten, and you do not answer. This is one of the elements of the information-psychological war that is being broadcast, supposedly someone came and gave the command not to respond to the shelling. And there were no such teams, I did not receive such teams from our military-political leadership, and I did not give such commands. And I know for sure that the commanders did not give such teams there and they would not give them there, ” Homchak added.

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Recall that on June 6, the representative of Kiev at the talks in Minsk, Kuchma, proposed banning the “return fire” in the Donbas . On the same day, the ex-president of Ukraine Poroshenko said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could stop return fire in the Donbass after the UN peacekeeping contingent was introduced into the territory of the DPR and the LPR .

We note, however, that after Kuchma’s statements on the eve of June 12, the Ukrainian military commissar reported a dangerous approach of the 24th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to Donetsk .

Also yesterday , a column of heavy machinery from the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced from Slavyansk towards Donetsk . Read more about the operational situation in the Donbass in the  frontline report of the news agency “Novorossiya” .

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