Ukraine law on spelling de-Russianizes Russian names; Tolstoy alone is sacred

The suffix -ov to become the proper Ukrainian -ko, for example

In new Ukrainian spelling, only Tolstoy is sacred
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Ukraine has changed the rules for writing Russian surnames

Ukraine has changed the rules for writing Russian surnames

By The editors of the portal “Russian World”

Kiev has adopted the new rules of Ukrainian spelling, in accordance with which the spelling of some Russian surnames will change, reports RIA Novosti. [We include the RIA Novosty report below – Tr.] In particular, all surnames ending in -oy  must now be written ii [ой, ий].  For example, “Donskoy” will become “Donskii”, “Trubetskoy” – “Trubetskii”. [Донской, Донский; Трубецкой, Трубецкий]

The Kiev regime did not dare to change just one name, that of the classic of Russian literature, making an exception for the name “Tolstoy.” [Толстой will remain Толстой]

The final text of the new edition of “Ukrainian Spelling” will be published early next week.
The draft rules had previously undergone a public discussion, and its participants came to the conclusion that such amendments in the spelling of names were not justified in any way. In addition, it was proposed to abandon this step in order to “preserve the national identity of their carriers.”

However, the authorities rejected these proposals.

According to a member of the Federation Council, Alexei Pushkov, Ukraine has decided to demonstrate its  “independence.” The senator advised Kiev to change the names of US President and Secretary of State Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo, suggesting the options “Trumpy” and “Pompey.”
State Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet, representing the Crimea in the lower house of the Russian parliament, expressed confidence that this measure is another step in the hate campaign against Russia. The parliamentarian stressed that Ukraine faces more complex tasks, such as returning to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, restoring the economy, and ending the war.

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In addition, we also read, in RIA Novosty, which has some other salient details:

MOSCOW, May 31 – RIA News. The new edition of “Ukrainian spelling” will oblige to change the spelling of some Russian names, follows from the text of the document, approved by the government of the country at the end of May.

So, in the section “Surnames with adjective suffixes and endings” it is said that all Russian anthroponyms with the ending oy will need to be written ii. This means that in the Ukrainian version the names “Donskoy” and “Trubetskoy” will be written as “Donskii” and “Trubetskii”. The editors cite other examples: Krutii, Lugovskii, Polevii, Solovyov-Sdii, Bosii.

The only exception was the name “Tolstoy.”

In Ukraine, changing the spelling of Russian surnames was long under discussion. In particular, petitions with demands to write Ivanenko instead of Ivanov and Kuzmenko instead of Kuznetsov repeatedly appeared on the website of the President of the country. Those who refuse to comply with the prescriptions, it was said, should be deprived of part of their rights or Ukrainian citizenship. According to the author of the initiative, such innovations will contribute to the “further decommunization” of the state.

In May of this year, the President of Ukraine signed the law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language.”

The document provides for its use in almost all spheres of life: in government, schools, universities and hospitals, in shops and cafes, in courts, army, police, during the election campaign and referendums. At the same time, the law makes an exception for English and other languages of the European Union.

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