Ukraine’s Army has 19 Killed, 143 Wounded in June


LUGANSK – The losses of the Ukrainian troops in the zone of the so-called “OOS – Operation of the United Forces” in June amounted to 19 people killed and 143 people wounded. This was announced by the head of the press service of the People’s Police Department of the LPR, Yakov Osadchy.

“The commander of “OOS ”, General (Alexander) Syrsky, does not stop increasing losses among his personnel, which, according to official data, amounted to seven killed and 64 wounded. However, based on the published information of Ukrainian volunteer organizations and official data of military hospitals, we can conclude that the figures provided by the “OOS” headquarters are purposefully underestimated, ” said Osadchy.

As of June 28, the enemy’s losses amounted to 19 people killed, 143 people wounded.

Earlier in the network was published a  video, which captures the liquidation of the Ukrainian militants .

Also, a video of the liquidation of the Ukrainian militants who were masking the new position was made public  .

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On June 10, a video of the liquidation of the Azov sniper * near Mariupol was published online .

On June 8,  the DPR militia opened heavy fire at Azov positions in the Donbas .

On June 6, the People’s Police of the DPR stopped the breakthrough of 30 Azov militants in the Gorlovka direction .

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced that  two Azov militants * died as a result of a mine in a dugout . Another eight mercenaries were injured.

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