US media continues spreading lies about Russia and Venezuela

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Data from the newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the presence of employees of the state corporation Rostec (Russian Technologies) are exaggerated, Sputnik told a source of the press service of the Russian company.

On June 1, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported, quoting an anonymous source close to the Russian Ministry of Defense, that Rostec decreased its staff in Venezuela from 1,000 to a few dozen.

According to the media, the retreat of Rostec employees, responsible for training Venezuelan troops, has intensified in recent months.

“The figures published in the Wall Street Journal article regarding the presence of Rostec employees in Venezuela are exaggerated dozens of times,” a source said in response to the Journal’s claims.

He also added that the number of Rostec specialists in Venezuela “has not changed for many years.”

He indicated that the South American country travels “periodically” technical specialists for the maintenance works of the equipment supplied before.

“For example, a few days ago they finished the maintenance works on a batch of aircraft,” he said.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov declined to comment on the WSJ article, noting that “it is a question for the organizations that perform the maintenance of the special equipment that was previously supplied to Venezuela.”

“It is not a question for the Kremlin and also, as you know, the information has already been denied by the Russian side,” he said.

The Russian ambassador to Venezuela, Vladimir Zaemski, also rejected the conjectures of the Journal about the supposed withdrawal of Russian military experts from the Latin American country.

“It is a new piece of news that does not correspond to reality, at all,” the ambassador stressed.

At the end of March, a group of Russian technicians arrived in Venezuela to implement agreements on military technical cooperation, the fact generated a wave of speculation and fake news from the US.

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