USSR? Spanish Foreign Minister forced to explain why he called Russia an “enemy”


MADRID – Acting Foreign Minister of Spain Josep Borrell decided to clarify what he actually meant when he called Russia an “enemy.”

A convenient opportunity for these explanations was a new interview with the head of the foreign affairs agency with the Spanish news outlet, El Periodiso .

“I did not say that Russia is an enemy of Spain, I spoke about Europe. I said that Europe sees how its former defender – the United States – ceases to defend her and how her former rival or enemy reappears, meaning the USSR, ” the politician said in an interview with the June 28 edition.

In doing so, he added further confusion to his explanation, apparently conflating Russia with the USSR.

In addition, in an awkward attempt to demonstrate even-handedness, he explained that he made similar comments regarding China, which the politician called the main economic competitor. According to him, the three great powers, which at the present time faced in the cold war, all have deteriorated relations with Europe.

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The reason for these rather confusing explanations was the widespread negative reaction in Spain that was caused by Borrell’s statement in an interview with El Periodico on May 23rd. 

In that interview, he called Russia the “old enemy” of Spain. After that, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Spanish ambassador for clarification.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, during the conversation, Russia was bewildered, and regretted the unfriendly statements of the acting foreign minister regarding Russia, by Josep Borrell, who is also the president of EU Affairs and Spanish Cooperation of Spain , which he admitted in an interview with El Periodico on May 23.

The ambassador pointed to the contradiction of the words of the Spanish politician, which are detrimental to the relations between Russia and Spain, mutual perception of bilateral relations as friendly, partnership and mutually beneficial, which is fixed in all official documents signed between the two countries even recently.

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