Venezuela considers Moscow key ally in fight against hybrid attacks

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CARACAS  – General Pasqualino Angiolillo Fernández said that Venezuela considers Russia the main allied country in efforts to combat the current hybrid conflict.

“I want to note that, as a general rule, the countries targeted by hybrid attacks are those where certain hegemonies or large and influential countries have some interests. Venezuela is one of those countries because its wealth and resources are of interest to other nations,” the general said on the sidelines of a security forum in the Russian city of Ufa.

When questioned whether Moscow shared its experience of hybrid threats with Caracas, Fernandez said that clearly “Russia is involved.”

“Russia is an important ally for Venezuela and, as we are calling for a multi-polar approach, this approach allows us to have many allies,” he added.

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Maduro’s government has been accusing the White House of providing aid to the opposition and organizing a campaign to sabotage Venezuela’s electricity infrastructure, causing a huge shortage of food, water and medical care.

Washington also attempted to deliver “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela through Colombia, but those efforts were disapproved by critics as a means of exerting pressure on Maduro and increasing dissent among the Bolivarian Armed Forces.

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Tensions between the United States and Venezuela worsened after Washington openly backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself “interim president” in an attempt to oust current President Nicolas Maduro.

While the US and its allies recognize Guaidó as a Venezuelan leader, other countries such as Russia, China and Turkey continue to regard Maduro as the only legitimate Venezuelan president.

Meanwhile, Maduro said foreign backers financed the failed attempt on his life last summer to the tune of $20 million, which he says was distributed to opposition members in neighboring Colombia.

“The plan to kill me that was executed in August cost several million, there is talk of $20 million,” President Maduro told the Bolivarian Army Academy on Tuesday at an event televised on state media.

The president thanked the military and intelligence services for warding off the attack and commended them for bravery, adding they “saved the peace of the republic.”

Two explosive-laden drones detonated over a crowd in Caracas on August 4, 2018 as President Maduro addressed the Bolivarian National Guard. The incident was deemed an assassination attempt and a number of opposition figures were arrested in response.

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