VIDEO – An unusual birthday gift from Putin to China’s XJP

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Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on the occasion of his birthday before the official start of the Asia Interaction and Confidence Measures Conference summit, and presented him with an entire box of manufactured ice cream Russian that the Chinese president likes so much.

Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s spokesman said Putin had come to the Chinese president’s residence to congratulate him on his 66th birthday.

In addition, the Russian leader gave the Chinese president a cake on which is written: “We wish you all the best,” a phrase made in Chinese that is based on the number six, a figure associated with well-being and coincides with the age of the president (66).

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“The president highlighted the role of Xi Jinping in the development of bilateral relations and the success of the Chinese president’s recent visit to Russia,” said Peskov.

In turn, Xi Jinping warmly thanked the Russian president and noted that Putin is very popular in China.
According to the spokesman, the Russian leader expressed confidence that the dynamic development of bilateral relations will continue going forward.

It is not the first time that Putin gives ice cream to Xi Jinping. In 2016, Chinese businessmen told the Russian president that Xi Jinping loved Russian ice cream. The same year, at the G20 Summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin brought a box of Russian ice cream as a gift to his Chinese counterpart. Xi Jinping thanked the Russian president for his gift and confirmed the words of the businessmen about the Chinese people’s preference for Russian ice cream.

This only continues to consolidate the growing friendship between China and Russia who are both striving towards a balanced world system that is ruled by multipolarity rather than the unipolar dominance of the US.

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