VIDEO NATO soldiers destroy Romanian farm with armored vehicle, claim ‘wrong coordinates’


FETESTI, Romania – US military, driving armored vehicle during NATO exercises, mistakenly entered a Romanian private farm, causing crop destruction.

The video of the incident , which occurred in the rural area of ​​the Romanian city of Fetesti, was posted on the Agrointel website. It is reported that the vehicles destroyed parts of a wheat, sunflower and corn plantation.

The landowner sought the police to keep her abreast of what was going on with her property, but ended up hearing in response that the Atlantic Alliance exercises are now underway with soldiers who “had wrong coordinates.”

Saber Guardian 2019

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From 3 to 24 June, NATO troops perform Saber Guardian exercises in three countries in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. About eight thousand soldiers from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and the USA are training road walks, medical exercise, multiple river crossings and use of the Patriot and Stinger systems.

This also comes as Poland is hosting the largest exercises of recent times NATO, Dragon 2019. Almost simultaneously, the Baltic countries and the Baltic Sea, the maneuvers began BALTOPS. These military events count on the participation of 18,000 troops and 2,500 military equipment that cover land, water and air. In this way, the Russian region of Kaliningrad is again surrounded by troops from the Atlantic Alliance.

According to Polish generals, Dragon 2019 is exclusively defensive in nature and aims to improve operational interaction with NATO military personnel . In addition to the Poles, more than three thousand members of the Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, USA, Spain, Croatia and Bulgaria are part of the exercises. The Warsaw tanks brigade temporarily commanded German tank battalions, the Telemark mechanized battalion of the Norwegian Armed Forces and the mechanized battalion of Slovakia.

The maneuvers are being carried out all over Poland, including the largest military polygon in the Drawsko Pomorskie region. Polish soldiers began their training with enthusiasm, not sparing projectiles and forces, even exaggerating a little. On the first day of the maneuvers, the polygon caught fire. The fire occupied about 100 hectares, with 30 brigades of bombers being fired to end the flames.

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