VIDEO – Who is Andrew Yang? NBC silenced him, but what’s he really all about?

Tim Kirby and Joaquin Flores sound off on Front and Center ep 2


Jun 28, 2019 – Last night millions of Americans saw and heard candidate Andrew Yang for the first time. Millions more had already  heard about him and were familiar with his seemingly controversial UBI proposal of “$1,000 per adult in the US, no questions asked.”

Of course thinking people are already skeptical of how mainstream media may be manipulating us into believing that a relatively acceptable candidate is somehow counter-current. NBC and the mainstream media are well aware of the real polling – the public distrusts them. Is it possible then, that one way to reel, or troll, back in support for the system among the disgruntled and dissident masses is to ‘censor’ a candidate that they have on the air anyway? Then the hype and rumor mill spread – their being censored by NBC and mainstream media builds their credibility. Indeed, the MSM has entered a new phase where it builds credibility in reverse.

But where does Yang really come from? Is he who he claims to be? And what is his UBI all about? Is it based in sound economic theory?

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Watch the Center for Syncretic Studies’ Tim Kirby and Joaquin Flores hash it out in episode 2 of ‘Front and Center’.


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