War Crimes: Ukrainian army bombards Donetsk village with incendiary shells

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Still more war crimes and crimes against humanity from the Ukrainian Army (UAF/APU), as we lead up to Minsk talks. – ed

DONETSK – Ukrainian armed forces fired incendiary shells at a civilian settlement in the Donetsk People’s Republic today, June 18th. This was reported in an emergency statement of the command of the Armed Forces of the DPR.

“Today, at 14.05 pm, official bandits, who call themselves Marines from the 35th brigade, opened fire from a large-caliber machine gun using incendiary ammunition at the settlement Yasnoye, as a result of which a house caught on fire at Ulica Pobeda, 22. Currently, fire brigades of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic have contained the fire, information about the victims is still being specified.

We draw the attention of international organizations to the fact that such unprovoked actions of Ukrainian punitive brigades against civilians, right before the meeting of the contact group in Minsk, openly demonstrate their unwillingness to establish peace in the Donbas,” the statement reads.

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Earlier today, Ukrainian militants fired at a customs post in the DPR . Also today, in a village in the south of the DPR , a residential building and a gas station were damaged by the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces . During the day, the APU fired on the territory of the DPR with .50 callibre ammunition. Earlier today it was reported that the APU at night fired at a checkpoint in the south of the DPR.

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