WATCH as Russian jets eliminate terrorists in Syria

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HAMA – A video showing an attack by the Russian Space Forces against terrorists in the Syrian province of Hama has appeared on the network.

According to comments for the video, the Russian plane attacked the terrorists near the village of Zakiat. The images show a large column of smoke that rises in the air.

According to the Russian agency FAN, in Hama the Russian Space Forces are helping the Syrian Army from the air.

Government forces send reinforcements to the contact line after the recent fighting on the northwest front with the Tahrir al-Sham group.

According to Russian media, the Russian Space Forces attacked terrorist groups in the vicinity of the villages of Al-Jabin, Tel Malach, Al Arbain, Zakiat and Hasraya.

Earlier Syrian government forces eliminated more than 140 extremists, who tried to attack their positions in the Syrian province of Hama on June 6 and 7. In the defensive combat with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, five tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, nine trucks, a multiple rocket launcher and two mortars were destroyed, reported the head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, General Víctor Kupchishin.

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On June 8, terrorists opened fire from rocket launchers at residential areas of the city of Hama, two civilians were injured.

In response, on the night of June 9, Syrian aviation attacked terrorist bases in the southern province of Idlib, which borders Hama.

On June 3, the spokesman for Russian President Dmitri Peskov said that Russia was taking the necessary measures to eliminate the terrorists in Idlib.

Meanwhile, Germany continues its efforts to withdraw its illegally stationed military personnel from Syria.

The planes and soldiers of Germany, which are now in Jordan, began to prepare to leave the Middle East. However, Washington has tried to persuade Berlin to keep these planes in the region. Why do you need them?

The US is pushing the German government to extend the mission of its Air Force in Syria and Iraq in the hope that its aircraft can help protect American soldiers deployed in the region. German Tornado aircraft with their capabilities to carry out reconnaissance operations are needed in northern Syria, reports the Spiegel newspaper.

The German media cites a confidential letter that was sent by the head of the US Central Command, Kenneth McKenzie, to the Inspectorate of the Armed Forces of Germany. According to the US general, operations carried out by German aircraft and related to air surveillance and refueling played a key role in weakening ISIS.

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