What is the real reason the US fears Russia’s POWERFUL S-400?

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MOSCOW – The US National Interest magazine explained the reasons why the US and its NATO allies should be alert to the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

The publication stresses that the main reason is due to its potential use as a means of struggle in the economic war, in addition, of course, to a number of strategic advantages.

First is the profit from the sale of these systems, as current and potential buyers are China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This contributes to the diversification of the economy and creates a basis for the modernization of Russian armament.

The second factor is that the S-400s generate Russia’s prestige and status as a country that develops advanced weapon systems .

The third reason is that these systems provide the creation and development of relations with the purchasing countries, since, in addition to the acquisition of the complexes, it is necessary to train the military to carry out the technical maintenance.

Hybrid war?

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The edition explains that there is a possibility of using Russian anti-aircraft defense systems in the hybrid war, citing the example of the ongoing S-400 sale to Turkey, which is a member of NATO, which led to a huge split in the alliance .

According to National Interest, if the agreement is concluded, Russia will gain a significant victory by putting its systems with powerful radars on NATO territory.

The publication further underlines that it is not in vain that Washington threatens Ankara with sanctions and with the exclusion of the F-35 program due to the acquisition of Russian armaments.

The Turkish authorities have previously stressed that they will not waive the purchase of the S-400s, with the first batch expected to arrive in the country in early July. The US claims that the S-400s are incompatible with NATO standards, and have repeatedly warned that they could delay or cancel the process of selling the latest F-35 fighters to Turkey.

In connection with this, the Pentagon has announced that it will not accept Turkish pilots to fly the F-35s, and that those already in training in the US will have to leave the country by July 31.

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