Why would Turkey use the Russian S-400 systems?

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ANKARA – Turkey will use Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems to protect its energy interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, said a Turkish analyst.

Mehmet Seyfettin Erol, head of the prestigious political crisis study center ANKASAM, a professor and political analyst, said in an interview that Turkey has acquired Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems to defend its energy interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Recently, gas deposits have been discovered in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone. Turkey considers that it is entitled to the resources of this region and has already sent the Fatikh drilling ship there.

Greece has demanded that Turkey put an end to drilling operations in that area. However, Ankara stated that it would continue its activity until the Turkish part of Cyprus was included in the decision-making process for the quarries.

“Turkey bought the S-400s to defend their national interests and eliminate threats on issues of vital importance,” said the political analyst.

“We now have a crisis situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey has vital energy interests and around which there is a threat related to US and Israeli support for Cyprus,” he said.

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Mehmet Seyfettin Erol stressed that in this case, Turkey will use all available means, including the S-400.

According to him, today Turkey and Russia are two regional partners whose aim is to eliminate common threats in the Black Sea and Syria as well as in the Mediterranean.

The West and Israel try to destabilize the region, so the Turkey-Russia alliance plays a stabilizing role. The perception of threats encourages other countries to join the Russian-Turkish duo. Therefore, the S-400 is a symbol that changes the balance of forces in the region and opens the way for an ‘alliance of S-400’,” concluded the political analyst.

The conflict in Cyprus refers to the dispute between Cyprus and Turkey as a result of the Turkish occupation of the north of the island. The conflict began in 1963 and continues today.

The analyst however failed to mention that Turkey illegally occupies northern Cyprus and that its territorial waters do not fall into the zone where the energy resources are found.

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