With modest spending, Russia is a leader in the creation of modern weapons

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On Thursday, during the direct line with citizens, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on various issues of the country’s internal and external situation.

According to Vladimir Putin, Russia occupies only the seventh position in terms of military spending in the world, while the US occupies the first position, and China – the second.

According to the Russian leader, despite modest spending on defense, compared to other countries, Russia ensures not only nuclear parity, but also maintains two or three steps ahead of others.

“Notwithstanding relatively modest military spending, we guarantee not only military and nuclear parity, but we are two or three steps ahead of our competitors, since no country in the world possesses such modern and technological weaponry as ours. I mean hypersonic missiles,” said the president.

Trend is reduction of military spending

Vladimir Putin also pointed out that Russia has been decreasing defense spending.

“What is curious is that we, perhaps, are the only major military power to reduce military spending,” he said.

He explained that, in 2017, Russia’s military spending accounted for 3.4% of GDP, by 2018 – just over 3%, and in 2019 – to 2.9%.

“In the next year it will correspond to 2.87% in 2021 – to 2.8%. I may be wrong about the decimal numbers, but the tendency is to reduce military spending,” the president said.

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Putin’s comments come as a senior official of the Russian company that designs air defense systems shares some information around the S-500 new generation system.

Sergei Druzin, deputy director for technical and scientific development and first deputy technical director of the Almaz-Antei company, commented on the capabilities of Russia’s advanced air defense systems S-500.

The S-500 ‘s radars are based on active electronic scanning, where the transmitter is missing, the signal is formed by the antenna itself, he said.

In addition, active scanning greatly increases the transmission capacities and the spectrum width of the signals used, says Sergei Druzin.

“The S-500s have a wide targeting of nomenclature. Systems can be applied in the fight against ballistic targets of all kinds,” he said.

“This has required an increase in both the energy power of the locating means and the creation of new missiles that are capable of operating out of the atmosphere where aerodynamic control is impossible,” says the deputy director.

He pointed out that the S-500s are 21st century systems manufactured in Russia.

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