WWII era Soviet cannon spotted in photos annihilating terrorists in Syria


HAMA, Syria – The famous 100-mm Soviet guns, BS-3, were found in full operation on Syrian land at the disposal of voluntary formations against terrorists operating in the Arab country, a Russian military website said.

According to the portal , the 100 mm gauge Soviet BS-3 production gun was photographed at one of the artillery positions in the region of the Syrian city of Mahardah, located in the northern province of Hama.

BS-3 is a powerful long-range anti-tank weapon that is at the service of voluntary trainings against terrorists in Syria.

The uniform used by cannon operators include bulletproof vests and helmets, which are part of the modern Russian Ratnik equipment .

With a range of one kilometer and weighing 3,650 kilograms, the Soviet cannon BS-3 can fire 10 times per minute.

It is noteworthy that BS-3 cannon was widely used successfully during the Great War for the Homeland (part of World War II , between June 22, 1941 and May 9, 1945, and limited to hostilities between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and its allies) against tanks of Nazi Germany Panther and Tiger.

After World War II, the weapon continued to be used in different local conflicts.

Today, though old, the cannon continues to be used in almost a dozen countries.

Elsewhere related to World War Two, earlier this month residents of Cheshire, a county of the United Kingdom, witnessed one of the last Lancaster bombers of World War II.

The famous aircraft became one of the main bombers used by the Royal Air Force during World War II thanks to the durability, according to the portal Cheshire Live.

Currently, only two aircraft are capable of flying and British county residents were able to witness one of the iconic bombers in action due to the fly-past, a ceremonial overflight of a group of aircraft or a single aircraft, heading for an air demonstration of the Royal Air Force in Shropshire.

The celebration included the Lancaster and several other aircraft, which flew over the region during the event.

Lancaster participated in the memorial flight of the Battle of Britain next to a Spitfire IX.

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