VIDEO: IMF comes to “the rescue”, Ukraine’s collapse continues


KIEV – The Ukrainian president is to discuss the details of another IMF tranche. It’s the second week that the fund’s experts have been working in Kiev. They’re collecting statistical data and checking whether reforms are being carried out. Kiev is to carry them out in exchange for financial assistance.

What could this mean for an average Ukrainian citizen? Well, if we take the entire history of the International Monetary Fund into consideration, nothing good. When IMF experts (some might call them economic hitmen) come to your country, all you could expect is lower wages, higher taxes and thus, lower personal income overall. Couple this with higher housing and commodity prices, and you got yourself a textbook case of a liberal neocolony whose only purpose is cheap labor. Ukraine’s population is dwindling, it’s public health sector as well as its economy overall are doomed. The collapse of Ukraine is imminent if they stay on this path.

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