American F-35 jet is an ‘iPhone’ compared to Russian Su-57, military expert says


MOSCOW – July 20, 2019 – Military expert Andrei Frolov said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia that the 5th generation F-35 Lightning II American fighter is an “iPhone” compared to the Russian Su-57.

The expert believes that the F-35 is more “digital”, which makes it vulnerable. In his view, American hunting, by analogy with the smartphone, can become a useless toy or a stack of expensive hardware without a “constant connection with the Apple Store and regular updates.”

Vulnerable software

“For the same reasons, we can turn it into a pile of expensive hardware. The manufacturer can lock the software at any time. The Su-57’s capabilities are secret, but do not think of it as digital as the F-35,” he explained.

Frolov also adds that even if it were so digital, the likelihood of a scenario like software blocking would be less, since Russia has never resorted to the unilateral arms embargo and does not use this method of pressure.

American Project Failures

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The expert also believes that the US fighter plane has many structural flaws that the Russian aircraft does not have. For example, if you put bombs on the F-35 on external pylons it loses its stealth capacity.

Specialist states that “if you put bombs on your outer pylons, it loses its stealth, while its internal compartment is not too large.”

“The F-35 was originally designed as a universal aircraft for three branches of the Armed Forces – Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, which affected the specificities of its construction, which turned out to be not the best,” concluded Frolov.

Characteristic comparison

Earlier, military specialist Aleksei Leonkov had commented on the main characteristics and qualities of the Su-57 and F-35 fighters. The expert concludes that the American F-35 fighter is a lightweight aircraft that does not have supermanobrability, while the Russian fighter Su-57 is a robust aircraft of air supremacy, being the best option to be used in an aerial combat.

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