Amnesia or a distorted assessment? Report on Human Rights in Venezuela rejected for its lack of objectivity

By Elson Concepción Pérez


The report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights makes no mention of the Venezuelan people’s struggles and social gains won to extend human rights.

From Granma – Official Organ of the CC of the Cuban CP

By:  [email protected]

It is truly shameful for anyone to use or represent a United Nations institution, such as the Human Rights Commission, to present accusatory reports on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s legitimate government, in the most biased and deceptive manner.

This has occurred, without even a sharp word for those who, in flagrant violation of human rights, have imposed an economic siege on the country, causing hunger and death among the most vulnerable sectors of the population.

Not a single complaint against the so-called opposition, including a self-proclaimed president, who calls for an armed intervention in the country. No mention of specialists in creating false positives to justify aggression.

The Organization of American States (OAS) and its discredited secretary general launch the most deceitful accusations, lead diplomatic and political aggression, ignore authorities, and join forces with internal and external terrorists, making clear that the institution is totally disgraced, like Mr. Luis Almagro.

But that a UN commission is used as a platform or a chorus, to isolate Venezuela, can only be described as irresponsible, in the least.

The report presented by Ms. Michelle Bachelet lacks the most basic elements: ethics, transparency, and impartiality.It is unheard of that a UN representative could validate information coming from Venezuelan terrorists or – in a true act of disrespect for the norms of international diplomacy – even contemplate on her agenda a meeting with Juan Guaidó, identified with the least honorable segments of the opposition, whose conduct is totally illegal since he has not been elected by anyone.

Does Ms. Bachelet’s report say anything about young Venezuelans burned alive in the street by the so-called “guarimberos” paid by Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López?

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Does the report include statements from relatives of children who have died waiting for bone marrow transplants because the U.S. government froze and seized Venezuelan funds in European banks, destined for their medical treatment?Does the UN Commission on Human Rights say anything about this?


This time the aforementioned document was prepared by a Chilean woman who, at the time of the dictatorship in her country, saw first-hand what a violation of human rights is. And, in the case of Chile, the Pinochet dictatorship was an example of how human rights are crushed. Torture, death, disappearances, and much more. But, I confess, I do not remember if, then or later, accusatory reports were drafted on the basis of which international sanctions were imposed.

But the years and time goes by, apparently, creating a kind of mental metamorphosis or amnesia in those who prefer to “forget.”

In Venezuela, the Constitution of 1999 establishes guarantees for human rights, their vigilance and promotion, as part of “citizens’ power.”

The legitimate Bolivarian government has categorically rejected the report presented in the Civil Rights Commission, in Geneva, and described it as “distorted,” and “presenting a selective and openly biased vision of the true situation regarding human rights in Venezuela.”

According to EFE, Venezuela also expressed concern that Bachelet’s report totally ignored “gains and progress attained,” in terms of human rights by Chavista governments since 1999.

“An analysis is not objective or impartial when it emphasizes, to the extreme, negative points, and ignores or minimizes advances and measures adopted in the field of human rights,” the Bolivarian government insisted.

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