[UPDATED at bottom – JULY 1st, 14:00 GMT+2] – At midnight, the Israeli aviation and fleet carried out a combined attack on Syrian territory of great proportions with dozens of missiles launched, of which it is part of cruisers from ships. The missiles were flying from Lebanon.

In the video below, Syrian air defense systems can be seen shooting down eleven (11) missiles.

The rampage above the Syrian sky lasted more than an hour. The Syrian PVO (air defense) has intercepted more than 50% of the rockets. Locations that are battered are found in the provinces of Damascus, Homs and Hama. Several rockets hit the base Mezeh south of Damascus, a warehouse near the Syrian-Lebanese border. The Syrian army operated the S-200 large-scale systems from the province of Homs in the direction of Lebanon.


Syria is using the S-200’s for a number of reasons.  The S-300 Favorite of the PMU is in Hama but has a 200km range. The cruise missiles are coming from a bigger range than that. But this attacks with curse missiles are not effective. Therefore they can not attack with reasonable accuracy from the distance that Israel is firing from.
Still, Syria has managed to down more than 60% of the Israeli missiles. 

The Syrian army unfortunately can not attack Israel planes in Lebanon air space, even though Lebanon has either allowed Israel to use its Airspace, or while Lebanon is in no position to counter Israeli presence in its airspace.
Still Israel is frustrated that they can not penetrate the A2-ad zone to start a more serious air raid at a closer range, that is within 200 km,  because their planes would be decimated. 

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UNCONFIRMED: There is some information coming through about the possibility that the US participated directly in the Zionist aggression with the missiles on Syria.
Two civilians were killed, including a 1 month old child and 19 others injured in an initial Israeli aggression on the village of Damascus, according to unconfirmed reports. 
UPDATE – SANA reports that the Israeli attack killed at least four civilians, including a child inside the town of Sahnaya.
CONFIRMED – Israel used Lebanese airspace to carry out its attacks knowing that Syrian Air Defense units will not respond to the Israeli-US fighter jets. This is in order not to endanger the lives of Lebanese civilians or commercial airlines over Lebanon. The Israeli jets have a known history of hiding behind these.


CONFIRMED – Damage to civilian buildings, see below


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