British joke: RT and Sputnik forbidden at International Conference on Press Freedom

Simonyan's blunt take: Freedom of speech my ass!


Margarita Simonyan noted this briefly in Russian on her facebook page and then, for comment, transliterated an English expression into Cyrillic characters:

Нашему Sputnik’у тоже отказали в участии в конференции по свободе слова.

Фридом оф спич май эсс.

I will translate the Russian sentence, and then put the comment into Roman letters. Here goes:
They’ve blocked our Sputnik from participation in the conference on freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech, my ass!


Here is Sputnik’s news account:

Only for their own: why London does not allow RT and Sputnik to a conference on freedom of the press © Sputnik / Aleksey FilippovINTERNATIONAL NEWS20:04 07/06/2019 (updated on 22:35 07/06/2019)

The international conference on press freedom, organized by the UK and Canada, may be held without the participation of representatives of the Russian media – journalists from RT and Sputnik simply will not be allowed there.

TALLINN, July 6 – Sputnik. The organizers of the Global Conference on Press Freedom (Global Conference for Media Freedom), which is to be held in the British capital on July 10-11, have refused to accredit the Sputnik agency, RIA Novosti reports.

“Thank you for your interest as a media representative in covering Global Conference for Media Freedom. Unfortunately, your application for accreditation was not accepted for the reason given below:
Jenny’s recommendation,”

the conference organizers said in a letter.

At the request of the Sputnik correspondent for an explanation of the what the mysterious phrase “Jenny’s recommendation” means, no one from the team that accredits journalists could answer. Also, the request for an official explanation of the reason for the refusal has not yet been received.

Freedom of speech for the elect

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The day before, Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russia Today, said that the channel was also denied accreditation.

“We were denied accreditation to the Global Press Freedom Conference, which is being held by the British Foreign Ministry. QED

The news did not pass in Russia without mockery. Russian historian Andrey Bogdanov posted:

I love English humor!

Today Sputnik and RT journalists were denied accreditation to the International Press Freedom Conference.

The official reason: “Without explaining the reasons.”

Salt of joke: Correspondents from foreign countries were called to come to England and tell about the restriction of press freedom in their countries.

And Maria Zacharova weighed in. We translate her comment

I am reading RT: “The British Foreign Office refused to accredit us to the“ global conference on press freedom ”. We were told on the phone: “Sorry, we are full”

I have a question for Margarita Simonyan (Margarita Simonyan). Margo, why did the RT staff decide that what you said on the phone is called “full”? In my opinion, the vowel “o” should be doubled there, and not the consonant L.

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